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Gwenievere Nichaleir

Gwen has always been upset with beautfiul noble things because they never lived up to her expectations. She  a beauty that is so rare as to show up once in a generation of a world, but she never flaunts it, never shows it if she can help it, because she feels it would just be a deception, because she beleives...

Sir Teldon Oralus

Dark, brooding and angry at himself, Teldon will have troublecoming to grips with anything.  In his heart he truly desires tobe noble, but he has failed so many times that he has no beliefthat he is noble, no belief that he actually upholds the tenantsof the Knighthood. Teldon comes from a world were Gold doesn't mean anything, its all steel...

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KirkCon week 4

  • 07 Sep 10:12
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  • KirkCon week 4 was kinda slow due to the holiday.The only games played were Castle Ravenloft and Poo: The Card Game.Castle Ravenloft is a really fun board game based on the DnD4e rules and is really a form of DnD lite. We actually finished the second adventure (the first one...

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    DM/GM since 1980.  Familiar with all iterations of D&D (including D&D Next/D&D 5e).  Currently setting up a D&D 5e campaign that uses the Iron Kingdoms setting (rather than Forgotten Realms).
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    Long time DIVERSE gamer of board games, rpg's, miniature games, and card games since 1974. Always looking to make new friends and play as many games as possible. I go to many gaming conventions as well.
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    Trying to balance out the male:female gamer ratio one chick at a tiiiime. (:  
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    I am an old school gamer, who likes his horror, scifi, and dark fantasy. I am also a freelance writer and a game designer with several projects in the works, and two currently running amateur gaming credits. One is a local combat LARP called Drakon, which is going on its sixth continuous year, and the other is a d20 variant...