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A Page from the Witches' Herbal: The First Tree

  • Jen Breckinridge, Wizard
  • 15 Jun 17:05
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  •   It’s hard for me to rid myself of the lingering guilt I feel over the events that temporarily transformed the people of to the greater Sacramento area into anthropomorphic flora and fauna. Of the three roses that precipitated the enchantment, one came from my hands and the other two...

    Session 12 Journal Entry

    Dear Mother, I will continue talking about the experience I had in a form that wasn't my own. I was able to carry Sam through the skylight before it was covered by the briars. Unfortunately Will and Greta were trapped in the house; I could hear him howl. I knew...

    Letter to Marcus' Family

  • Jen Breckinridge, Wizard
  • 10 Jun 16:49
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  • Frances Lee Heart-2-Heart Adoption Dear Ms. Lee, Changing circumstances have made it necessary to contact the family that adopted my son. Would it be possible to forward the following letter to them? My case number is 784003-G37.   To the parent or parents of my son, I recently learned that...

    A Page from the Witches' Herbal: Rosa pimpinellifolia

  • Jen Breckinridge, Wizard
  • 06 Jun 16:16
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  • (an old drawing, and a photograph fastened to the page with a paperclip. The space under the illustration is covered with notes that extend onto the back of the page) The Scots, or Burnet, Rose is as toothy as any beast, as prickly as any Scotsman. It would be suitable...

    Session 11 Journal Entry

    Dear Mother, Mikheil and I have both been transformed. He’s become a statue in my collection and I’ve become, for the moment at least, some sort of anthropomorphic avian creature. (Whatever is affecting me affected Sam, Jen, Ander, and many many others.) As always, I ask you to do me...