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The Music Flows

  • Sorena (Incubus)
  • 09 Mar 00:36
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  • The Iris Club in Los Angeles beckons. Residency is a wonderful thing. Been jamming out a lot of Drum & Bass and Dubstep lately. Wonder what that's going to do for the crowd on Saturday. :)

    Walking Bugs

  • Mesta
  • 21 Jul 11:55
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  • Two Winters.  The question was 'Which one is real?'   Step One - Investigate the new one first.  I opted to meet her at the park as she requested while ensuring that Winter #1 was being watched.  I needed to get a feel of this new entry into my already...

    The Female Factor, Pt. 7

  • Aeon Prime
  • 16 Feb 16:03
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  • Saturday, 26-Jan-86 The fight in the Last Supper Club did not go well at all, though it did give Mesta a chance to spread his para-psychic wings. While Sorena ripped apart a Dua-Sanaras Dhohanoid that had the lack of common sense to try to entangle him with his flailing tentacles,...

    Professional failure

  • Roy Romer
  • 16 Feb 00:59
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  • I am a soldier. I have faced the horrors of the Rapine Storm, kicked it in the face, and come back to tell the tale. I have embraced the teachings of the Eldritch Society, and been bonded with a Tager. I have become what my enemies fear, and I live...

    The Wrong Place

  • Sorena (Incubus)
  • 15 Feb 19:43
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  • There is absolutely no reason for this. It's a beautiful club. It's got a great sound system, a big dance floor, and a well-stocked bar, not to mention killer interior design and a host of hotties. Dhohanoids should not be messing with the Last Supper Club. But here they are...