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Name: Stanwyck Gilles Class: Mage (Level 10) Race: Human Background: Circle Mage   Abilities  Communication 2 Focus: Etiquette, Persuasion   Constitution 2 Focus: Stamina   Cunning 4 Focus: Arcane Lore, Healing, Research   Dexterity 1   Magic 5 Focus: Creation Magic, Spirit Magic   Perception 3   Focus: Seeing   Strength 1   Willpower 3 Focus: Self-Discipline   Defense 11 Armor 0 Speed   11 Charge 5...

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Session 12/13 Journal Entry

  • Stanwyck Gilles
  • 01 Nov 22:30
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  • Report on Deep Roads Expedition, Part 3 We settled in at camp. Much was weighing on our minds and hearts. My sleep was restless, which is perhaps how I noticed that someone had come into our camp. It was Lady Lyul, having recently finished searching one of the nearby tunnels...

    Session 11 Journal Entry

  • Stanwyck Gilles
  • 12 Oct 20:26
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  • Report on Deep Roads Expedition, Part 2 We eventually came to a chamber. When we opened the doors, we found the mummified bodies of dwarves, long dead. There was a throne with a dessicated figure sitting on it. It spoke, a single word. “Sleep.” None of us could resist, not...

    Session 10 Journal Entry

  • Stanwyck Gilles
  • 05 Oct 14:55
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  • Report on Deep Roads Expedition, Part 1   Our expedition to find and destroy Lucasan before a sixth Blight can begin has arrived in the Deep Roads. Destroying the orb may still have been the wiser course but with it we can locate the archdemon and destroy it. It is...

    Session 9 Journal Entry

  • Stanwyck Gilles
  • 28 Sep 13:12
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  • Report to Inquisition- Lady Nightingale Dealing with The Last Moon  demanded a significant portion of our efforts and resources, which meant that certain items on our agenda were unable to be completed. I am sorry for that. We had intended to apprehend First Enchanter Oswyck and let justice be done...

    Session 8 Journal Entry

  • Stanwyck Gilles
  • 15 Sep 20:40
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  • Report to Inquisition- Lady Nightingale   I am taking the time to write this as we recover from the events of the day and prepare for the rest of it since it's far from over. But I expect the Inquisition would want to be made aware as quickly as possible....