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    I like to run unconventional games that focus a LOT more on storytelling than rules. Just to be clear by what I mean by unconventional, I've done Cyberpunk Vampires, High Technology Fantasy, Time/Dimensional Travel and Afterlife games, just to name a few. I love the Planescape, Eberron, Ravenloft and Unearthed Arcana settings. I don't like games that tell me and...
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    Been playing for a little over 30 years, starting with D&D (you know, the boxed sets where you had to fill in the numbers on the dice with a crayon? Remember, kids?) Prefer making my own adventures and campaigns, customizing to fit my group. Never use modules. I have a big oak table with room for me and up to...
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    I run a form/site dedicated to New World of Darkness, the site is focused oncreating an ever changing sandbox type game for all templates, with a player driven chronjicle, play your way, play how you want....looking fo rplayers and storytellers as well is the site   About me not much to tell, i live alone, divorced, got a kid, been playing...