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Tawfiq ibn Ali, retired physician

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When his wife died, Tawfiq left his comfortable retirement to seek out his prodigal son, Nadr. Nadr ran away some years ago to become an adventurer, which Tawfiq had forbidden because he considers it a stupid, barbaric profession. Tawfiq was prompted by loneliness to set aside his anger and try to make peace with Nadr, if he can find him....


Name: Gates Sum-Up: Natural Born Empath

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Impressions on Strands of Fate

  • 24 Apr 22:20
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  • So, I thought I would post this after a few of us tried a stripped down Strands Game, which was a reaction to the first Strands of Fate Game I ran. First, let me start off by briefly mentioning my "lessons learned" in the first "rules as written" Strands of...

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    How long have you been playing? 30+ years. Along with roleplaying, I also enjoy scifi/fantasy movis and television, video games, CCGs and graphic arts. Are you currently in a game, or are you currently looking for one? My small group is always looking to grow. Last year we finished a long period of playtesting Wild Talents settings for Arc Dreams...
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    Games I like: Love the superhero genre, also like urban fantasy, and am generally willing to try anything. Systems I am familiar with: Wild talents, world of darkness, Dresden files, Reign, Rogue Trader, and I am sure there are others as well. Systems I am learning: Traveller and Savage worlds, but am willing to learn anything if it interests me....
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