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The Orthanach Stone

Stockholm runestone 02
  • Premium label
  • System: CthulhuTech
  • Last update: 16 Dec 22:34
  • Day: Thu, Jan 01, 2009
  • Time: 12:00AM UTC
  • Length: 4 hours (7-11 pm PST)
  • There are no more slots available for this game. Registration is technically now closed. However, if you would like to sign yourself up as an alternate, you could be on the list if someone drops off or can't make it that night. Private message me as usual. Characters are provided. Basil is now registered. WillRobot is now registered. Martian_Bob is now registered. Morgan is now registered. Shannon is now registered. TheWalrus is now registered.

    Two till Midnight

    Love cthulhu by jimiyo d3821xj
  • System: CthulhuTech
  • Last update: 01 Apr 22:05
  • Day: Mon, Apr 02, 2012
  • Time: 01:00AM UTC
  • Length: 4 hours
  • In a world at war the little things go unnoticed. Those little things can cause the most unparalleled damage in a time of war. During WWII sounds were heard on the night sky during battles and people just ignored it. In the night sky of Desert Storm the same sounds were heard, but because of tense combat it was ignored as well.  Now in 2085 during the Aeon Wars these sounds are back and always at two til midnight.

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    Sorena (Incubus)

    If one is into dance music and nightclubs, he'll have heard the name. Sorena is one of the world's foremost club DJ's and a pretty boy to boot. Smooth, charismatic, good-looking, and talented, Sorena gathers his fair share of envy. Traveling the world to spin, he has his residency at the renowned Iris Club in Los Angeles. What Sorena does...

    Roy Romer

    Custom weaponshop prog
    Roy is Sorena's bodyguard, and a member of the Eldritch Society.   26 points for skills and assets/qualities, don't buy past 2

    Lisa Gibbons (Mama Bear)

    Bug 100
    Lisa is the leader of the Chitown Kings. Her aggressive approach to her life has caused her several significant results. Her meteoric rise to the position of Marketing Director at a prestigious local firm, even at the age of twenty-nine, is certainly one of them. The other is the fact that she was recently commissioned to take charge of a...

    Eva Liang (Shifu)

    Bug 100
    Eva is new to London. She recently moved here from Hong Kong as a refugee seeking safety from the Rapine Storm’s ravaging overrun of her homeland. She soon began teaching Kung Fu to the Low-town Rippers, and has been studying Tager style ninjitsu under the master that teaches at the Archives. But, today is all that she will talk about....

    Shimazy (Catfall)

    Shimazy is bright and imaginative, if a bit flighty and prone to daydreaming. She excells at her job as lookout and recon for the Pack, and honestly enjoys what she does.