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Technoir: WTFN

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  • Last update: 12 Mar 00:08
  • Day: Sun, Mar 31, 2013
  • Time: 07:00PM UTC
  • This is a Technoir game taking the place of my Houses of the Blooded game on Sundays. Seats are offered first to the existing players in said Houses of the Blooded game, and then afterward to the people who want to come play.  ecause I'm pretty sure I can't put the word "fuck" in the title of my game, I had to abbreviate "Why The Fuck Not" to WTFN**.             **But if it turns out I can, someone tell me so I can fix that. Thaaanks!

    Transmission Incomplete

    Atlanta transmission deep
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  • System: Technoir
  • Registered in InfrnoCon 4
  • Last update: 02 Mar 19:41
  • Day: Sun, Feb 26, 2012
  • Time: 05:00PM UTC
  • Length: 4 hours
  • Playing it safe isn't working anymore; you're not going to get out of this clean. You have illicit tech and the talent to use it. Time to go shake the city and see what falls out. You'll get hurt, sure, but what kind of pain will you deal out?

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    Bug 100
    (Ladyfinger) has made a career as a cat-burgler. She often uses her social network to scout out weathly targets, hitting them for valuable goods and information that can be sold on the black market.

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    Technoir: Mechnoir update

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  • 20 Mar 11:48
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  • Reposted from Jeremy Kellers message: "If you don't already, be sure to watch my blog at, like Technoir on Facebook, follow me on Twitter, and add me to your circles on Google+, because I'll be talking about Mechnoir in those places over the coming weeks. Here's the details: Mechnoir is an...

    Some days you bite the dog...

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  • 26 Feb 21:07
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  • In downtown Minneapolis, riots sparked by those angry and desperate following the mass layoff of the Daedalus Corporations labor workforce have been raging for days. The corporation is the largest innovator of cyber-technology in the US, and having fully automated its production lines, fired 80% of it's human resources. The...

    Interactive Game Tools...From The Future!

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  • 13 Jan 22:11
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  • I have yet to fully adopt the use of digital files for playing RPG's. I still prefer to have print copies of resources and books. If PDFs are available, I like to have them handy for a searchable reference, and many time when I'm buying something from a site like...

    Fuel for the Infrno

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  • 17 Oct 10:10
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  • I have been taking my game schedule easy the last couple of months. I've taken a break from RPG's to give some time to my family and other interests. But it's always there, whispering in the back of my head to come and play. We're zeroing in on the holiday...

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    Been gaming for more than 20 years.  Toyed with Paladium but didn't really dive into the deep end of gaming until i found Werewolf and the WoD.  Still a big fan of WoD but gravitate more towards low-prep, high-story games these days such as Monsterhearts and TechNoir.  Willing to try anything as long as it's focused on storytelling and doesn't...
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  • Chii chan   loli chisatsu   by daffangel
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    I tend to not like the mundane, the normal. That doesn't mean I won't play a "normal" person (as in non-magic, non-tech, etc), just that they won't be the average person unless it's a cover. At the very least, my characters will have an unusual eye color (like me).
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  • Zcap1
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    Married with children totaling one, stay at home dad, and home school teacher. AD&D ("I beat Dungeons & Dragons...and it was advanced!") was my first RPG system back in the day, and it was largely a family affair that I have fond memories of; getting back to that place is probably why I invest so much time in them as...