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It's Hard to Really Let Go

  • Aveline "Aventurine" Twinn
  • 02 Oct 04:07
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  •   Aveline walked slowly towards the Tree House she had built together with Alden and their fathers when she and Alden had been kids. She would have gotten there in no time had she flown, the cumbersome terrain in the woods made her go much slower on foot, but she...

    For the Red Queen

  • Aveline "Aventurine" Twinn
  • 18 Sep 10:13
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  •   “For the Red Queen.”   The helmet floated in the air in front of Aveline as she sat on her desk corner, the freshly painted red of the helmet reflecting the bright moonlight that flooded in through the window.   “Do you know what this helmet means to me?...

    A Detention and an Essay

  • Aveline "Aventurine" Twinn
  • 21 Aug 02:16
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  •   Aveline sat in the windowless room, biting her lip thoughtfully. It was early afternoon, but one really couldn’t tell in the dreariness of the detention room. The incident with Hellion on the previous day had gotten her an afternoon of detention, and an essay to write. Aveline looked at...

    Disillusionment Is Such a Bitter Nectar

  • Aveline "Aventurine" Twinn
  • 18 Aug 13:48
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  •   Disillusionment, noun: A feeling of disappointment resulting from the discovery that something is not as good as one believed it to be   Aveline sat on the rooftop of the school still wearing her evening gown and gloves, eyes half closed. The cool night air caressed her face, her...

    A Moment of Truth

  • Aveline "Aventurine" Twinn
  • 23 Jun 18:27
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  •   The bus windows showed the downtown New York, as the bus slowly made its way towards the suburbia. Aveline was sitting on her seat, lost in thought, absentmindedly making sure the hood of her hoodie was securely hiding the red and purple helmet she was wearing underneath. Once she’d...