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    Hello Folks. My name is Jacob. I am 35, married,  have a stable job, flexible schedule, and a wonderful home that I love to host games at. I've been playing games for 20+ years on and off. For the last couple of years I have struggled to find a reliable group of players or another great GM. So in the...
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    I like to play D&D (1st, 2nd, 3.5, Pathfinder and Old School), Call of Cthulhu, Top Secret, Traveller, Deadlands, Dark Heresy, and many others.  I have been gaming since 83.  I also like to wargame.  Looking for likeminded gamers to play games and have fun.  
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    Well I am playing RP for a log time, around 9 years. My Favourite games are Warhammer and Cthulhu. I also like the noire and sci-fi oriented games. I willingly try out new games and systems.
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    Ask away!
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    I like Shadowrun and Warhammer 40k... Best game universes ever created!   I'm interested in WH40K Dark Heresy, Shadowrun, Pathfinder, D&D 3.5, and exaulted games.
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    Twenty something gamer from the east coast. I started playing rpgs about two and a half years ago. Since then, I am always looking for new systems to try out. Although I prefer to take the part of the player I will GM to try to pass on a new system to others.    I am currently Gming a campaign...
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    I've been gaming for entirely too long and still love it. I like Burning Wheel, Fate, Dark Heresy, Rogue Trader and other stuff. I don't dislike evlves. And the donkey asked for it.
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    I'm an IT software project manager living and working out of Northern New Jersey.  Though I'm not considered what the typical gamer looks like, I've been gaming for nearly 19 years.  I have a ton of experience with D&D, from 2nd edition to 4th edition, but I also play a few other games, such as Legend of the Five Rings...
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    This gets over used a lot but I am an old school gamer. Atari 2600 was my first system, strated table top back in AD&D. Curentley I am enjoying Warhammer 40K (go teem Necron!) D&D 4th edition (Woot Eberon & Dark Sun!), and some random PC Games (Creaper World).