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Mage: The Ascension: All That Glitters

  • System: Digital Web 2.0
  • Last update: 17 Sep 00:09
  • Day: Sat, Sep 20, 2014
  • Time: 04:26PM UTC
  • Length: as long as it lasts before everyone falls asleep.
  • Aaaaaa....Las Vegas City of Fortune, City Fate, City of Love, City of hate, City of Lights, City of Heights, City of Consumption, City of Corruption.......  

    The Bebelos Imperative

    Title card
  • Premium label
  • Last update: 01 Sep 11:43
  • Day: Thu, Sep 04, 2014
  • Time: 10:00PM UTC
  • Arcana Americana

    American vampire  jim lee by boysicat d2z6qdi
  • GM: Kbza Man
  • System: Vampire: The Masquerade 20th Anniversary Edition
  • Last update: 13 Feb 06:24
  • Day: Sat, Feb 08, 2014
  • Time: 11:06PM UTC
  • Crónica histórica para Vampiro: la Mascarada inspirada en parte en los juegos de Rockstar Games. Comenzamos a mitad del siglo XIX, y viajaremos por algunas de las ciudades más importantes del Mundo de Tinieblas, especialmente en el continente americano, descubriendo sus secretos, mientras hacemos un recorrido por la historia de los últimos doscientos años. ¿Qué secretos oculta el mundo de la oscuridad a los jóvenes neonatos? El mundo cambia rápidamente, y nuevas sociedades y conocimientos transforman el mundo a gran velocidad ¿Son señales del incipiente Apocalipsis del que hablaban los profetas? ¿Es posible cambiar el rumbo de la historia? ¿Salvaremos...

    Closing Shop

  • Premium label
  • Last update: 22 Jan 10:51
  • Day: Thu, Jan 23, 2014
  • Time: 11:00PM UTC
  • Length: 5
  •   The Shop is Now Open

    Friday Night Vampire

  • System: The Hungry Streets
  • Last update: 06 Oct 16:54
  • Day: Fri, Oct 18, 2013
  • Time: 07:00PM UTC
  • Length: 4
  • Three players minimum; ten players maximum. Players are encouraged to create characters that can do what they want to do in-game rather than a "fit" a role they perceive being needed in-game. All characters will start at the Novice (0) EXP Threshold.

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    Stephanie Stafford "Chases~Snowflakes"

    Action by asemo
    Description: This heavyset girl has turned more muscular. Still holding a lot of weight to her form she has turned from misshaped to down-right disgusting. Due to the state in the world she rarely gets showers or clean clothes giving them to her family instead unless they force her to take care of her human side. She usually wears a...

    Victor Breckenridge

    Bug 100
    Victor Breckenridge (He prefers to simply be known as Breckenridge) was surprisingly unremarkable. He had a position in a college IT department, was working on his MFA to become a Comp Sci professor, and had what one could assume was a comfortable life. Then, suddenly, as soon as he had everything he could want, he suffered a nervous breakdown. He'd...

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    Once upon a time...

  • Nathan Bell the Witch
  • 02 Jul 05:02
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  •   Old Nathan (46) "And so Libby went off with the fairy princess to live happily ever after."  Nathan closed the journal and smiled at his daughter. The girl smiled back, her mop of red hair splayed about her pillow. She gave a massive yawn. God she looked so much...

    Letter From a Christian Goth

  • 16 Mar 21:03
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  • Back when Strangeness in the Proportion was being serialized on White Wolf’s website, we received feedback from readers, even as we were still editing sections to be released (and further polishing for its upcoming ebook and print incarnations). That was the coolest thing about serializing and the immediacy of interaction...

    In Ink and Audio

  • 20 Dec 21:35
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  • "Would you like to hear a story? This is a good one. And very short. This is the story and the story goes: Simon meets Janie D. at work. She tells him who hurt her. She smiles. This is love. This is rigor mortis." My first novel, Strangeness in the...

    Who says six years of writing about a necrophile doesn't pay off?

  • 29 Nov 00:42
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  • It's milestone time, my lovelies. My first novel is finally up for sale -- Strangeness in the Proportion (published by White Wolf). Just tickle the beautiful corpse below: Boy meets girl. Boy looses girl. Boy gets girl back... piece at a time. To answer a few questions about the...

    That's My Novel And I'm Sticking To It

  • 28 May 17:38
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  • Several weeks ago, I found myself editing a chapter of my book and yelling at a character. “You idiot!” I yelled. “Don’t do it!” But he did. He always does. On a less pensive note, MY SERIALIZED NOVEL IS DONE! This is a project I have worked on (on and...

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    Long time gamer. Been out of the loop for awhile, and haven't had a solid group in years. Looking to dive headlong back into my favorite hobby. Willing to learn/play any table top RPG, I'm also available for online or offline play. I also enjoy strategy and luck board games such as Smash Up, Munchkin, Settlers of Catan, etc...
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    Once upon a time, there was a half-elf rouge that wondered the forests of Madisonville Texas. She was a young thing, with a mighty dragonborn companion named Shamash. Why? Because he liked to smash things of course. They saved the day with knives made of sticks, and carried about a D&D 4e Player's Guide (UUUUUUGH) on their persons like  a...
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    I'm pretty much a lifelong gamer, and most recently have been involved in the beta test of Tremorworks' Paragon Universal Roleplaying Game, and specifically the Demongate High and Embers of Pyre settings.
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    Just call me Stuewe (Like the Family Guy baby's name except I am older than the show and I should be getting royalties but I digress) Well, I lurk.  A Lot.  I play Mutants and Masterminds, D&D 3.5, Shadowrun, Monsterhearts, Monster of the Week, Star Wars Saga Edition, and World of Darkness.  I am open to playing new things and...