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Sakhut of Ridge River

Bug 100
Motivation Having a strong sense of tribal belonging, Sakhut wants to find a new tribe, preferably of Mongrels, where he can belong and where he can practice his magic arts in the knowledge that he is valued for what he does. Personality Once an optimistic Mongrel, Sakhut has taken to concealing his appearance, and hiding his magical abilities in the...

Ashlyn (Ash) Tyrell

Name: Ashlyn Terrell Look:  Lithe bodyEyes:   Intense eyesOrigin: Child of two worlds Moves: Not Easily PhasedWhen you hold steady, roll with dark instead of cold. Heritage Move: Nightmare WeaverYou walk the path of dreams and can twist the dreams of others to your liking. If you know the person’s fears, carry +1 forward. Roll with dark.On a roll of 10+...


Name: Gates Sum-Up: Natural Born Empath

Kora Wallace, The Aware

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    Player: Renee MS
  • Faction:      Mortality                                                      (Last Update: 12/8/13) Name:        Kora WallaceLook:          Female, Sensual body, Curious eyes, Soft hands Stats:                   Blood 0, Heart 1, Mind 2, Spirit 0+ Faction Rapport:  Mortality 1, Night 2, Power 1, Wild -1 (0+) XP [x] [] [] [] []   Health ·             Armor  = [ ] ·             Harm o   Faint [x]  [x]  [x] o   Grievous [ ]...

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    (After) Lady Nightingale: Failure

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  • 07 Dec 21:23
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  • <sent post haste> I failed. I succeeded. I will try to convey this concisely because you are going to receive much lengthier, detailed missives with all manner of views in them. Lyul was convinced to broker the meeting and expressed concern that the emissary had specifically chosen Duri. There was...

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