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Issue #8, War's End

  • Civil War: A House Divided
  • 03 Feb 23:21
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  • The Pro-Registration and Anti-Registration factions meet in the middle of the Negative Zone prison as the cells are opened and metahumans of all stripes begin pouring out. In the middle of their tense confrontation, the image of Baron Strucker appears, exhorting the criminal inmates to join Hydra in an attack...

    Issue #7, The Rocket's Red Glare

  • Civil War: A House Divided
  • 21 Jan 16:05
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  • Baxter Building Peter Parker leaves his lab workplace and speaks to Mary Jane about their plans for a dinner date that night. She is worried for him after the recent news about many heroes being arrested or even killed in SHIELD raids. Suiting up as Spider-Man, he heads out to...

    Civil War Intensifies

  • Civil War: A House Divided
  • 19 Jan 22:33
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  • excerpted from Daily Bugle Special Edition: Civil War Intensifies Geffen-Meyer Petrochemical Plant Battle Drawn to the Geffen-Meyer Petrochemical Plant on the Hudson River by reports of an industrial accident, a dozen or more costumed metahumans found themselves cornered in a massive trap coordinated by elements of the Avengers, Fantastic Four,...

    Issue #6, Betrayed

  • Civil War: A House Divided
  • 06 Jan 19:39
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  • Wakanda The wedding of Ororo and T'Challa is held in the African nation of Wakanda, and many American heroes are specially invited to attend. Logan, Robbie Baldwin, the Fantastic Four, and Cloak are among the guests who arrive and are given rooms in a futuristic residential tower. Sue Richards speaks...

    Issue #5.75, The Raid

  • Civil War: A House Divided
  • 01 Jan 17:11
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  • New York City Johnny Storm and Benjamin Grimm are asked to respond to a SHIELD request for help from the Fantastic Four. They arrive on the streets and meet a Superhuman Restraint Unit commander who informs them that they have gotten an inside tip on the location of the central...

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    Some of the game I've played have been D&D 4.0, Pathfinder, Song of Ice & Fire, Savage Worlds, AD&D, Star Wars RPG (West End Games), Star Trek RPG, All Flesh Must Be Eaten, Pirates of Legend, and BattleTech/Mechwarrior. I've been both a GM and Player, but feel most comfortable GMing. (That doesn't mean I don't enjoy playing though!) I am...