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New X-Men: Academy X

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  • Last update: 29 Dec 20:04
  • Day: Fri, Jan 08, 2016
  • Time: 02:15AM UTC
  • Length: 3-4 Hours
  • The X-Men: Fighting for Those Who Hate and Fear Them. Around the world, this team of mutant superheroes fights to keep the world safe from evil mutants and other threats to humanity, all while trying to bridge the gap between man and mutant. However, the other mission of the X-Men is less talked about: the education of young mutants. That's where we come in. Here at the Xavier Institute, we strive to provide an environment where young mutants can get a solid foundation in academics, life skills, and the control and proper use of mutant powers. Every student is given...

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    Megan Gwynn, aka "Pixie"

    The x   pixie by juanpablokmx
    Megan Gwynn, aka Pixie   Origin: Gifted Upbringing: Troubled Attitude: Curious Ambition: To Succeed Mutant-Power Reaction: Embraced Niche: Outsider   Values Duty, A Time and Place for Everything- d8 Power, Learning It, Loving It- d8 Love, Is Pain, Or Can Be- d8 Glory, Other Things Matter More- d8 Community, Need To Find My Place- d6 Ethics, They Can Get In The Way- d6   Asset Impulsive d4...

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    Session 18 Journal Entry

  • Megan Gwynn, aka "Pixie"
  • 01 Oct 21:10
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  • Dear Journal, How am I supposed to feel? What am I supposed to do? Right now, the best answer to that question is nothing. If I do anything right now, chances are that I’m going to regret whatever it is I do. But I—damn it. Aiden is my friend, or...

    Session 17 Journal Entry

  • Megan Gwynn, aka "Pixie"
  • 23 Aug 19:40
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  • Dear Journal, For every high there is a low. I was still reveling from everything about dinner when I went to my little clearing to summon Mephisto. He was not in a good mood. The meager samples I’ve been able to gather aren’t enough. I am going to need more....

    Session 16 Journal Entry

  • Megan Gwynn, aka "Pixie"
  • 09 Aug 20:48
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  • Dear Journal, Dinner was AMAZING. I’m far too keyed up to go to sleep. Everything about it was just—amazing. Incredible. Awesome. Okay, there were a couple rough spots, to be sure. None of us were expecting Hellion to return, let alone to be joining us at the table. I had...

    Session 15 Journal Entry

  • Megan Gwynn, aka "Pixie"
  • 14 Jul 19:00
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  • Dear Journal, I should have known it was too easy. I was feeling pretty confident about everything. My mind was working through ideas about how to get more blood for Mephisto as I returned to help with the rest of the clean-up. I’d established my presence there before slipping out....

    Session 14 Journal Entry

  • Megan Gwynn, aka "Pixie"
  • 21 Jun 17:34
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  • Dear Journal, So later that night as I was doing my own form of meditation in the woods, I got a message. Mephisto wanted to talk to me. I snuck back out there to get in touch with him. Best not to keep him waiting. Besides, I was curious to...