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    Played many a 2nd edition AD&D game as I grew up and into my 20's, even managed to try a few other games like Star Wars (d6), Cthulu, Paranoia, Shadowrun, Rifts and many more. Looking to get involved in the game again without much of the travelling. 
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    Experienced Gamer Enjoys good Role Playing Likes Fantasy and Science Fictiond&d
  • Bug 100
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    Alas, I've left my home town and now I'm traveling from place to place in Australia, often find myself as the creator of games, small ones at least. I do enjoy D&D, 4th edition really
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    My preferences for gaming typically involve either tabletop (D&D), DDO, Pardus, and simming. In tabletop and simming, I strive and ask for quality stories and characters as I view those as the most important aspects of the games. Other than a couple games during high school, most of my tabletop experience has been since 2012. My main focus has been...
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    Looking for Pathfinder or DND (any version)