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  • Bug 100
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    I'm fairly new to RPGs. I've played some D&D, but am trying to get an off-line game of Dresden Files started.
  • Bug 100
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    I'll play just about anything, but some favorites are D&D 3.5, old World of Darkness games, Aberrant, and Dresden Files RPG.  I enjoy playing or running, and I like to go for unique experiences, so I rarely make a character that resembles one I've played in the past.  When I run games, I use a lot of house rules, but I'm very...
  • Merasta
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    Hello! I've always been interested in RPGs, but don't have much experience. I've played the Dresden Files RPG a couple of times, and FATE rpgs are absolutely amazing to play. 
  • Nxsgopx
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    I'm looking for PbP, skype/chat based or Portland OR based games, generally in the more indy-range of games. My new core-4 games/rulesets are Apocalypse World, Fate Core, Cortex Plus and GUMSHOE. Anything that runs on these systems is something that I'm looking for, especially non-standard hacks like Monster of the Week (AW), Leverage (Cortex+) and Night's Black Agents (GUMSHOE).
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    I love Urban Fantasy,Dresden Files would have to be number oneI really enjoy Scion ... which I think is also urban fantasy, which I would love to discussI also play 4e DNDI'm interested in stranger Indie GamesI run a mean game of Lady Blackbird (which i use as a system)and Would really like to play some Fiasco
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  • Hat
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    Minnesota Gamer, originally from Detroit Michigan. I'm open for playing pretty much anything, my favorites include: Mage-The Ascension; Werewolf-The Apocalypse; Changeling-The Dreaming; Exalted (First Edition preferred); CthulhuTech; Mutants & Masterminds; ShadowRun (3rd & Remastered 4th Editions); Deadlands-The Weird West; Dresden Files.   I tend to be a "Cinematics & Roleplaying" over "Rules & Strategy" type of player.  
  • Bug 100
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    Willing to learn new rule systems and pretty quick on the pick up for most games.  Always enjoys thinking outside of the box, sometimes outside of the planet.
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    Long-time gamer from the Middle Georgia area here. I've gotten to play quite a few different systems over the years, largely due to conventions, and am interested in a rather eclectic selection of games. You can see the games I'm interested in here: I enjoy the occasional one-shot, but I'm really looking to join an ongoing campaign. My schedule...
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    Husband, father, graphic designer, and a gamer. I enjoy reading many RPGs. I am currently running The Curse of the Crimson Throne adventrue path from paizo using Pathfinder rules. I am also going to be running my first Cthulhutech game on Labor Day weekend at a local con.   usernames elsewhere: fray, caroda, ilso, matastic
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    Currently playing in a game of Hollow Earth Expedition set in 1936. Playing a globetrotting doctor with experience as a pistol wielding marksman from WWI.
  • Harrydresden 28 600
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    - Role Player for over 30 years - Like a good balance of action and story where character matters (in all senses of the word) - Currently running a Dresden Files game online - Would love to play in or run a Dungeon World Game - Live in the Northeast with my wife, two boys and two daughters.     
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    I teach by day, game by night.
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    Looking to game Dresden Files, nWod, D&D 4e, Legend of the Five Rings (Heroes of Rokugan or 4e), or really any Fate/Fudge system.   Currently working for the US Census.
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    Looking to game Dresden Files, nWod, D&D 4e, Legend of the Five Rings (Heroes of Rokugan or 4e), or really any Fate/Fudge system.   Currently working for the US Census.
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    I live in the middle of nowhere and have no current gaming group.  I guess that's where all of you fine people will come into the picture if things go well.