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Episode XXI - The Phantom Fleet

  • Star Wars: Flames of Freedom
  • 20 Dec 11:45
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  • Tyren and Crowin talk with Solimon, discussing the force adept's search for the legacy of the Jedi. He points them to an artifact he has in his belongings which turns out to be a holocron which once belonged to a Clone Wars era Jedi Knight named Suljo Warde. Corwin takes...

    Episode XX - A Venomous Snare

    Silverblade Squadron from Quagmire Base flies to the Shaltin Tunnels region in order to ambush an Imperial convoy, but they are trapped by an overwhelming Imperial force which includes newer TIE fighter model starfighters and an Interdictor cruiser. The commander of the squadron sends a distress call out to Stiletto...

    Episode XVIII - Sucker Bet

    The party checks in with Matt Talon and he tips them off to suspicious activity involving a meeting between Moff Valgris and Cha-val Sha-vak, the masked thug who tried to steal the encrypted datapad from them.  Asking for information about Ric Feldring's stage show at the club, they are referred...

    Episode XIX - All or Nothing

  • Star Wars: Flames of Freedom
  • 27 Nov 02:12
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  • Kentas, Var'ath, and Tyren descend deeper beneath the Ace of Sabres resort and are met by a thin Twi'lek in a cybernetic collar - Belg'ath Dyun. The Dyun siblings father looks wasted away and speaks through the collar with a modulated voice, explaining that he serves the true master of...

    Episode XVII - Skin in the Game

    The crew meets up near the elevators to the Sabre Club, and Kentas contacts them about getting released from the security office after he convinces Dunan Par'ell that he had nothing to do with Sly'eth's demise. The party also cracks the encryption on the dead informant's datapad, finding that it...