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Jade Regent

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  • System: Pathfinder Roleplaying Game: Core Rulebook
  • Last update: 07 Jun 20:08
  • Day: Sun, Aug 09, 2015
  • Time: 12:00AM UTC
  • Length: 4 hours
  • This is the fourteenth session of a Pathfinder Jade Regent campaign.  We will be using D20Pro and Ventrillo. We are currently in the middle of the second book: Night of the Frozen Shadows. The characters will have high stats. Sorry, but this game is full, if you aren't already a member, then at this time registrations will not be accepted.

    D20pro 161x78 This game will be played in d20Pro, and having d20Pro installed is required to participate. Click here to download the latest version.

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  • Keg2
    • Abilene
    • joined 27 Apr 20:44
    I've been into rpgs a for a while. I've always loved the idea of fantastic worlds and amazing people populating them. I tend to think a lot before I speak but don't think I'm not into whatever's going on, if I'm not I'll let you know.
  • Loads o pics neoncon too 035
    • Salt Lake City
    • joined 11 Nov 16:54
  • Jj
    • Las Vegas
    • joined 09 Nov 11:25
    Trying to balance out the male:female gamer ratio one chick at a tiiiime. (:  
  • Bug 100
    • Rapid City
    • joined 02 Nov 00:49
    I'm a gamer and roleplayer, i like D&D, second life, and world of warcraft, i also play sims 2 & 3 sometimes.
  • Marinecorpsyut
    • Asheville
    • joined 17 Aug 15:29
    I am pretty much a Newbie starting into Tabletop-RPGs.