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Testing out the Blog

  • The Lost Lance
  • 23 Dec 12:28
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  • Looking at the site to see if it meets my needs.

    Game Table

  • 04 Jul 23:18
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  • Holy crap!  What a load of awesome!  I love the gaming table.  I really need to get a group together and play a game.  This may be the perfect opportunity to playtest the rules to the game I'm designing, Threshold.  As a matter of fact, I think it is the...

    Infrno... Where's the 'e'?

  • 28 Jun 22:39
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  • I have got to say, this is pretty darn impressive!  I love the theme.  It's very... it puts me in the mood to jump into a game.  Instantly. Very well thought out. The game displays is really comprehensive as well.  This is rockin'.  I'm going to have to make time...

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  • Briannc
    • joined 09 Mar 16:26
    Hi, I' Brian, and I'm a gamer. (:   Looking to get back into tabletop rpg's. I played D&D 1st and 2nd edition when I was younger. Also looking to meet like-minded people. I enjoy console gaming, pc gaming and tabletop gaming. Have tried live-action as well and had a blast.   Currently enjoying Star Wars The Old Republic (PC),...
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    • Northern Indiana
    • joined 16 Aug 18:57
    I run a form/site dedicated to New World of Darkness, the site is focused oncreating an ever changing sandbox type game for all templates, with a player driven chronjicle, play your way, play how you want....looking fo rplayers and storytellers as well is the site   About me not much to tell, i live alone, divorced, got a kid, been playing...
  • Bug 100
    • joined 03 May 12:15
  • Calsamurai
    • Denver
    • joined 25 Jan 13:29
    Me and My family play D&D and Doctor who adventures in time and space.
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    • joined 12 Oct 14:02
    So what about me? Im currently going to college full time for Game Art & Design, but Im trying to major in 3D rigging on both character and hopefully machines! I work at the print center at my school, and also the VP to the Zombie Research Society of Seattle. Also getting ready to help out with the first ever...