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  • Foxy%202
    • Kansas City
    • joined 27 May 10:12
    I love playing story-telling games, be it Once Upon A Time or Fiasco. I love Who Would Win. I'm dying to play the Gloom games and I'm a huge fan of Zombie Fluxx and Munchkin! I love filler games like Zombie Dice and Apples to Apples in a Can. I absolutely need to own Cards Against Humanity.  All in all,...
  • Bug 100
    • joined 04 Mar 09:56
    I have been involved in role-playing games since D and D was just three books that changed it from a wargame to a role-playing game. And no, I haven't played any varient of DandD since half-way through college. My style in games tends towards the cinematic. Most of my gaming experience has been as a GM. I hope that I...
  • Bug 100
    • Casper
    • joined 22 Aug 20:58
    i am a emo geek that loves playing magic using my artifact deck and i roleplay in any system i can get my hands on right now i'm trying to start a pathfinder game in greenrivier wyoming
  • 2011 05 26 david wells 04
    • Phoenix
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  • Dragon heartburn
    • Jacksonville
    • joined 03 Jul 05:28
    I game, therefore I am.