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Kicking a Game Master while he's up

  • 28 Jul 12:29
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  • One of my gaming groups has to consider putting the axe to our Shadowrun Game Master. We operate on a swing schedule, him one week, me the other. He's missed two of his own games, both of which a majority of the group showed up for and found out he...

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    Hey all, So I just moved back to Houston after graduating college and I've decided to start a new game, and I need a group of 3 to 5 players. My fiance will be playing, and she would also like to meet other girls who enjoy roleplaying. If you're interested message me or email me at System is to...
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    Lets us see what is up. 
  • Soft pastel practice by samantha w
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    I love reading. I love jumping into a world that isn't mine, and discover what intricate fantasies others have created. I love writing, making my own fantasies come true on paper, in words. Why? Because it is hard. It is too easy to just envision your creations in your own head, but adapting them to fit into the constraints of...
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    I'm an old, old-school gamer. I'm interested in serious games rather than funny or clever ones, and serious gamers as well. I like systems that map as close to reality as possible, even if it's not our reality. I dislike abstraction, fate/hero/action points, and shared world-building. What I love is being immersed in my character, while everyone else is to,...
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