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13th Age: The Laughing Prisoner

Amazing game post princess elf is with a monster she is turned evil
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  • A 13th Age campaign focusing on a band of heroes fighting an ancient evil. 

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    Chapter Twenty Six - He Who Laughs Last

    The Reavers enter the portal at the top of the Tower of Torroth and are engulfed by a white light. When they awaken, they find that they are each in separate cells in some sort of asylum called the Clinic for the Mentally Distressed. They do not have their weapons...

    Chapter Twenty Five - The Stranger in the Tower

    Nero volunteers to take care of the otherworldly monster which is currently guarding the way into the tower. He rides Crimson out to face the thing and tries conversing with it, but it seems to object to whatever he said as it suddenly attacks. The wizard, his spider mount, and...

    Chapter Twenty Four - The Isle of Nightmares

    The Reavers of the Fallen City prepare to go to the island of Verdamen, the source of the madness which has begun encroaching upon the Dragon Empire. Hound puts out the call for the Skywardens to join them, sending them ahead to scout it out and report on the movements...

    Chapter Twenty Three - Red Sky at Morning

    After the first day of negotiations end, Hound meets Aurin Dawnstar in an alleyway. She tells him that she is an agent for the Thorny Bower, a secret organization that serves the Elf Queen, and she needs his help freeing political prisoners from the dungeons of the Hightower of the...

    Chapter Twenty Two - Elves and Dragons

    Nero the wizard arrives in the Spider Wood riding his giant spider mount, finding his fellow adventurers after their fight with the elven assassins. He has had the same nightmares as the others and wants to help deal with the Laughing Prisoner. The Reavers decide to go investigate the scene...