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Star Wars: Flames of Freedom

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    Episode I - Mission to Lianna

  • Star Wars: Flames of Freedom
  • 16 Feb 13:31
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  • A Long Time Ago, in a Galaxy Far, Far Away...   Kentas Jamiro, An'ath Dyun, and Var'ath Dyun are joined by Rebel agent Jeran Norath on what is supposed to be a simple delivery mission to the city-planet Lianna in the Allied Tion Sector. They come out of hyperspace and...

    Episode XXXI - Darkness Falls

    Having barely survived his encounter with the Mask of Darth Nihilus, Tarqual Lein is treated in the medcenter of the Exec Tower in the Monda facility. His body is badly damaged and he has is forced to use a hoverchair to get around. He pays a call on Kara in...

    Episode XXX - Executive Decisions

    The Lost Fortune accompanies the Blockade Bandit as IsoTech preps Shogo's space station for use as their base of operations. As they approach a docking bay, Kael Solaris grows faint and complains of seeing dark visions. Kara helps her father back to his quarters and he says that he believes...

    Episode XXIX - Old Debts

    The two air skiffs race through Volik's wilderness as Limna Yith, Dara Mak and an unidentified Trandoshan pursue the crew of the Lost Fortune. Kentas manages to knock a tree down in the path of Yith's, causing a minor collision, but the enemy catches up quickly with Dara Mak at...

    Episode XXV - Nexus of Darkness

    Slerog Fenn takes Var'ath to his office in Fenn's Landing, a section of the Free Port that he owns and operates. Fenn explains that he was impressed with the heroes' resolution of the confrontation with the bounty hunter and asks if Var'ath and his friends would be interested in doing...