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The Iridium Lounge, Dec. 2012

  • Maeve O'Lynn
  • 03 Aug 01:52
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  • SETLIST Diamonds and Rust (Joan Baez) Folsom Prison Blues (Johnny Cash) I Feel Like Going Home (Muddy Waters) Brother Can You Spare a Dime? (Yip Harburg) Spancil Hill (Traditional) St. James Infirmary Blues (Traditional) Hard to Handle (Black Crowes) The Blacksmith (Traditional, Loreena McKennitt) Song for Ireland (Mary Black) Hey...

    A musical journey to: Monsterhearts

  • Premium label
  • 01 Jun 05:18
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  •   I was encouraged at the chat to start a blog series about game "soundtracks", music used for campaigns and games. The purpose of the blog series is to give ideas and hints on creating a soundtrack to use during game and/or to get into the right mood beforehand. In...

    Just Roleplay

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  • 26 Aug 22:11
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  • This made me LOL.  Just think of it in nerd terms.  I think his girl's a Cleric.  

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    I'm a recent film school grad living on the north side of Chicago.  In my spare time I game, play music, make films, fish, camp, home brew beer and wine, and any other of my 100 or so hobbies.
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    One time I kicked a horse in the face, just for looking at me. 
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    Trying to balance out the male:female gamer ratio one chick at a tiiiime. (:  
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    A music composer and a lifelong gamer, I now own a website called Sonic Legends that offers original music and sound effects designed especially for tabletop and live-action RPG's. Check us out at While I don't get to play as much as I used to, I still love D&D (especially 3.5), Fantasy Craft, Changeling, Vampire, and the new Harry...