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The Bebelos Imperative

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  • Premium label
  • Last update: 01 Sep 11:43
  • Day: Thu, Sep 04, 2014
  • Time: 10:00PM UTC
  • Friday Night Vampire

  • System: The Hungry Streets
  • Last update: 06 Oct 16:54
  • Day: Fri, Oct 18, 2013
  • Time: 07:00PM UTC
  • Length: 4
  • Three players minimum; ten players maximum. Players are encouraged to create characters that can do what they want to do in-game rather than a "fit" a role they perceive being needed in-game. All characters will start at the Novice (0) EXP Threshold.

    London NWOD Sunday Session

  • System: A Night With Jack
  • Last update: 14 May 20:15
  • Day: Sun, May 26, 2013
  • Time: 12:00PM UTC
  • Length: 2
  • Our 8th session was a outstanding success and one of our best sessions yet! London NWOD's 9th session will be held on the 26/05/2013, between 13:00 GMT +0:00 (1PM in the UK) to 16:00 GMT +0:00 (4PM in the UK). London NWOD is based at The Pirate Castle, which is located in Camden Town in North-West London. If you are interested in attending, email us as soon as possible at Directions and other details will be provided once your email has been received. We welcome experienced gamers and new players alike! Players MUST be 18+ (safety and security reasons)....

    NWoD Open World (Shadows over Sin City)

    Bug 100
  • System: Storytelling Game
  • Last update: 16 Aug 19:28
  • Day: Thu, Aug 18, 2011
  • Time: 02:30AM UTC
  • Length: 4 hours
  •   Every player will experience it differntly, for more information 

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    Hello dear reader!   I love RPGs, (As I am rather sure most of us on here do). My ecperience with them has been rather limited in terms of how long I have been gaming. Never the less, it is a hobby I know I will endulge in for years to come.    Was that general enough for you? You...
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    I've been playing RPGs since the early 80s, starting with AD&D1e and Moldvay Basic and growing outward from there. I've had a Palladium phase, a GURPS-only phase, and a disposable income phase in which I bought nearly every game I found remotely interesting. Now I'm in that mid-life crisis phase where I've sold off a few games but still collect...
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    Friendly, fun, and open-minded player/DM here! I'm looking for an irl game group to do table-top role playing games with. I CAN DM: Pathfinder, D&D 3.5, Vampire: the Requiem, Dresden Files RPG I KNOW HOW TO PLAY: the above, plus Changeling: the Lost, Call of Cthulu, Vampire: the Masquerade, Anima: Beyond Fantasy, and Geist: the Sin Eaters. I am also...
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    Whether you're longing to be a vampire, hankering to be a werewolf, scheming to be a sorcerer, wishing to be a faerie or even looking to be a badass monster-hunter, at London NWOD we offer all these supernatural gaming experiences and more! Using the New World of Darkness Pen 'n' Paper RPG setting and ruleset, we are the only dedicated...