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Falund Campaign

  • System: Wizards Presents: Worlds and Monsters (D&D Supplement)
  • Last update: 20 May 08:33
  • Day: Sat, May 28, 2011
  • Time: 04:28AM UTC
  •   AUSTRALIAN TIME ZONE I've yet to see any GMT +8 to +11 time zones played in. Hopefully some of you are Aussies/New Zealanders and will want to join in!    I've yet to DM any real games, or even play many. As my first attempt at all this, I would like to keep it quite simple. The MAIN reason I wanted to play a few games here is to test out my materiel for when I play with a totally new gaming group on the 16th of June. There will be 6 players for that game, but I'd be...

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  • Jellyfish
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  • Biomega
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    Hello! I'm always looking for a group to play with. I am new to Infrno and to these sort of roleplaying and I would love to learn from anyone who will give time to teach and play!   Feel free to drop a comment or two!
  • Bug 100
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    I've been playing PnP for the last 25 years although I did have a break for a few years. I have played mostly D&D ( variety of versions EXCEPT 4e) and now Pathfinder. I have also played Cthulhu, Shadowrun (2nd edition), Star wars (D20 and Saga), Traveller, Dark Conspiracy and a few other random one offs at conventions. Of these...
  • Little mouse by tanbourine
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    Describe your sense of style: Ultilitarian, with a touch of absurdity. Explain what you love about life: I love that life has been turned into a board game that you can win if you know how to spin correctly. What's the last thing you purchased for a friend?  I purchased a burrito for my friend that was bigger than her...
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