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Mad Matt's BESM CyberPunk

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  • Day: Mon, Aug 27, 2012
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  • The year 2152. It has been years since the Invasion War. Earth and the alien force know as Xintu clashed for years. Only by modifying the alien's technology were they able to gain a foot hold and fight back. It is now an age of uneasy peace, both sides repairing there worlds as time passes by. Since the war, the earth has become a place of great and growing Tech, though much of the earth has been scorched, leaving open wounds that gave birth to mutantas, ghouls and other strange monsters of a lesser population. Despite all of this, new...

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    Bug 100
    Chacha is a punk asss bitch. She has a take charge attitude and an intimidation factor that's out of this world. All packed into her 4' 5" 110 pound muscular little frame. She's about 25 years old, but people often mistake her as younger because of her small stature. She has some serious little big man issues. She sucks at...

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    Rebel Girl

    Rebel Girl by Bikini Kill That girl thinks she's the queen of the neighborhoodShe's got the hottest trike in townThat girl she holds her head up so highI think I want to be her best friend, yeahRebel girl rebel girlRebel girl you are the queen of my worldRebel girl rebel...

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  • Sun%20becomes%20bob%20holly
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    I've done some weird shit. Skateboarding, writing, martial arts, hockey, counter-culture, whatever. I'm getting started with traditional games. Howsaboutit?
  • Custom val scream
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    Musician, punk, and activist, I also happen to be a huge nerd.  Star Wars, Spider-man, and of course, TTRPGs are my nerd-vices. I play D&D (Basic, 1st, 2nd, and 3.x), Pathfinder, Palladium Fantasy, Rifts, Ninjas and Superspies, TMNT/After the Bomb, GURPS, oWoD (big fan of Werewolf), Star Wars (the old D6 system is my favorite, but I also enjoy the...
  • Yhgyuy
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      Games I like to play : Shadowrun, Street Fighter RPG, AD&d (all edition, but my favorite is still the 2nd), Dragonlance (saga system), Marvel superhero saga, Star war saga system (D20) (yeah, a lot of different saga system :P)      
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    trying to figure a way to play with my dm who just moved, without resorting to skype
  • Bug 100
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