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Golarian Sunsets

  • Premium label
  • System: Pathfinder Roleplaying Game: Core Rulebook
  • Last update: 30 Jan 14:07
  • Day: Thu, Jan 01, 2009
  • Time: 12:00AM UTC
  • This is a game playing the Second Darkness campaign for Pathfinder, published by Paizo. We are starting at the beginning with level 1 characters.


    Bug 100
  • System: Amethyst (home brew system)
  • Last update: 05 Mar 13:04
  • Day: Sun, Feb 05, 2012
  • Time: 09:14PM UTC
  • Length: 3 hours
  • In a strange and beautiful world, exists many divisions of life. The races, fractions, and kingdoms battle eachother. However the peace keepers have calmed the violence for now. How long will peace last in the lands of Aya? Will the world rise to power? or fall into demise.  Mayda is an attempt at making a home brew system and world, I intend gameplay to be both fun and helpful for me. Feedback is difinatly welcome, the harsher the feedback, the better the game.

    Worm Wood (MW) game

  • Last update: 04 Mar 15:16
  • Day: Sat, Nov 10, 2012
  • Time: 11:31PM UTC
  • Simple Strategy RPG that is currently, going to be open RPG. There might be more added here, but for now just trying to get something going to help write this baby out any help will be credited. In advance thank you inferno and team for giving this source. Going to be using BESM System for now character points 25 and contact me with any questions. will start when I atleast get 4 players. Read up make a basic character. Races for now is a Dweller(humanoid) add one to your body, max base for stats are 4 for now.    ...

    The Unofficial Matrix RPG

    Matrix by ren rko d4vadi0
  • Registered in InfrnoCon 8
  • Last update: 17 Dec 13:00
  • Day: Sat, Dec 15, 2012
  • Time: 05:00PM UTC
  • Length: 4 hours
  •   You have been cooped up in Zion for too long. R & R is not something you suffer well. You are a soldier who loves their job. It is time to get back on the front lines. Time to have your Residual Self Image loaded into the Matrix.  In the couple days you have been away from the war you have lost comrades to the Machine hordes. They don’t sleep, they don’t dream, but they do die. You’ve seen it and you can’t truly sleep until they are all dead. Before you can carve another stone spoon Captain Sun...

    The Wayfarer's Usurping Destiny

    20090904moontrees medium
  • Premium label
  • System: Player's Handbook II (Dungeons & Dragons d20 3.5 Fantasy Roleplaying) (Bk. 2)
  • Last update: 04 Dec 07:45
  • Day: Sat, Dec 01, 2012
  • Time: 08:00PM UTC
  • Length: 4 hours
  • Welcome to the world of Faerûn, a place of great heroes and stark evil, encompassing lands of magic, mystery, and high peril. Bold knights dare the crypts of dead monarchs, seeking glory and treasure. Insolent rogues prowl the dank alleyways of ancient cities, plotting their next exploit. Devout clerics wield mace and spell, questing against the terrifying powers that threaten the land. Cunning wizards plunder the ruins of fallen empires, delving fearlessly into secrets too dark for the light of day. Dragons, giants, black-hearted villains, demons, savage hordes, and unimaginable abominations lurk in horrible dungeons, endless caverns, ruined cities, and...

    D20pro 161x78 This game will be played in d20Pro, and having d20Pro installed is required to participate. Click here to download the latest version.

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    Rico shay headshot
    Rico-shay is a freeborn human from Zion. She Pilots the ship for captain Sun Bear. She is about 20 years old and has been a pilot for only a few years.

    Captain Sun Bear

    Sunbear portrait
    Captain Sun Bear is an exceptional RSI. He does what he can to fight the Machines. He is a dedicated soldier of the Zion Army. Everyone expects that the gift will manifest in him soon.


    Breaker headshot
    Breaker is a crew member on the captain Sun Bear's ship the Isis.


    Boatman headshot
    Zeus is the Operator on the captain Sun Bear's ship the Isis.


    Rico shay headshot
    Rico-shay is a freeborn human from Zion. She Pilots the ship for captain Sun Bear. She is about 20 years old and has been a pilot for only a few years.

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    Looking for Players

  • 10 Nov 22:50
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  • I Current looking for anyone that wants to explore the world of Worm Wood using BESM System for now. Basic Character using BESM, starting Points are 25. read up and contact me.

    Matrix RPG Free!

  • 22 Aug 08:48
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  • The Matrix RPG is available in PDF right now! Don't waste anytime. The first few downloads are free. All I ask is that you give me some feedback if you pick up a free copy! Go to to get your copy Enjoy!

    Cool-Looking Kickstarter RPG: Blade Raiders

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  • 29 May 18:20
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  • People in the chat have certainly heard me harp on about this game, but for other people... Blade Raiders is a really cool-sounding Table-Top Fantasy RPG from Lucasfilm artist Grant Gould. For more info on the Setting and system see the FAQ at the bottom of the page I've...

    Wushu Open RPG

  • 16 May 17:50
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  • I have to give major Kudos to Daniel Bayne ( for publishing his super simple rule set called Wushu.   Wushu is a RPG system that tries to capture the inherent fast paced cinematic style of action movies. Sounds like a great solution for me. I will be modifying some...

    Looking for players!

  • Matrix RPG
  • 26 Apr 17:21
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  • There is still one more seat available for the gaming ride of your life!!!   I am looking for at least one more player to join a ship in Zion and rescue our brothers & sisters from The Machines. Sign up and see what your captain has in store for...

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    • Richmond
    • joined 13 Aug 08:12
    I enjoy playing D&D.  I would be interested in playing other games if offered.  It is very hard for me to find a sit down in person group, so I thought I would ive this venue a try.
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    • Scranton
    • joined 13 Jun 14:10
    Hello my fellow gamers! I am an old school D&D player that started with the original gold box D&D and Chainmail miniatures rules and played through DND 3e as a tabletop PnP player in my youth and then life, wife, kids, etc happened and I got away from it for years. Later on, I played a bit more but mostly...
  • Briannc
    • joined 09 Mar 16:26
    Hi, I' Brian, and I'm a gamer. (:   Looking to get back into tabletop rpg's. I played D&D 1st and 2nd edition when I was younger. Also looking to meet like-minded people. I enjoy console gaming, pc gaming and tabletop gaming. Have tried live-action as well and had a blast.   Currently enjoying Star Wars The Old Republic (PC),...
  • Rotking
    • joined 05 Feb 09:33
    Salutations and Hello.  Not sure what you need to know about me, or would want to know, so let me start.  I am from South Florida, living part-time in Canada, am a father of 4 and grandfather to 5 beautiful souls.  I started gaming in 1981, around my freshman year in high school, played all box editions until we found...
  • Thomas%20blackleaf
    • joined 21 Jan 16:09
    I love roleplaying and game mastering. I am currently working on a personal project to make a RPG with my good friends.