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AW: Perilous Worlds

Perilous worlds
  • Premium label
    GM: Bry
  • Last update: 27 Nov 19:23
  • Day: Thu, Nov 28, 2013
  • Time: 03:00AM UTC
  • Apocalypse World rules. No apocalypse necessary. Think Riddick, Aliens, and maybe even Stargate. Let's ROCK!

    Encounter Zero

    Scenariozero 5
  • System: 4E Gamma World (Modified)
  • Last update: 03 Sep 01:13
  • Day: Sat, Sep 17, 2011
  • Time: 11:29AM UTC
  • Length: 144
  • Test game for setting up some Infrno action.

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    Gamer, gamemaster, father, writer.    
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    I have been playing Pen & Paper RPG since I was eight and with some big brakes have also done so. I have been playing and DMing various online RPG's in many forms, genres and themes, with many people. I have met many awesome people through this hobby and had many entertaining nights. I hope I can continue to do...
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    Hi there. I have played a small variety of games before, mostly 2nd ed AD&D, early Star Wars, and two Palladium games, Ninjas & Superspies, so mostly d20, d6, and d100 systems with levels and such. I'm open to playing the stuff I've played before but I'd really like to try a GURPS or BRP rule set. As far as...
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    Art is an obsessive passion for me and is the best format for channeling one's creativity and the application of our life experiences into a visual expression that goes beyond mere words. It is this adaptive and inquisitive aspect of my personality that has allowed me to observe the world around me, interpret the optical information I receive, and then...