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Star Wars: Tales of the Lost Fortune

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  • Adventures in and around the Outer Rim in the Star Wars universe.

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    Episode XXXII - The Break of Dawn

    High Inquisitor Tremayne and his ISB entourage question Kara Solaris in a CSA holding cell. Tremayne offers her safety for herself and her father from the depredations of VicePrex Lein if they agree to come with him to his waiting Star Destroyer. He sees potential in her and does not...

    Episode XXXI - Darkness Falls

    Having barely survived his encounter with the Mask of Darth Nihilus, Tarqual Lein is treated in the medcenter of the Exec Tower in the Monda facility. His body is badly damaged and he has is forced to use a hoverchair to get around. He pays a call on Kara in...

    Episode XXVIII - Clash on Volik

    The heroes scout out the ruins of a casino which have now been taken as the Ebon Strikers base. They discuss their options and ultimately decide to approach the smuggler gang openly and claim to be in search of a part for their ship. They plan to hand over Collan...

    Episode XXVII - Love and War

      The heroes reach the base of Mount Vorena and begin their ascent, searching for an ancient smuggler hideout. They make it to the peak of the mountain and scan for transponder signals which could help them in locating it. As they are setting up, however, a group of cultists...

    Episode XXVI - Journey into the Unknown

    The Lost Fortune returns to the Wheel to prepare for their trip to the Unknown Regions. As they split up to explore the station and meet assorted contacts, they learn that the Imperial Security Bureau has several undercover agents on board. Kentas notices that CQI-720 the sensor droid is behaving...