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Urban Shadows

Washington dc at night 4685 jim kochis
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    GM: Dani L.
  • Last update: 29 Mar 10:30
  • Day: Mon, Apr 27, 2015
  • Time: 01:15AM UTC
  • Length: 3-4
  • Technology has come so far... Maybe too far. It's getting more and more challenging for the things that go bump in the night to keep themselves hidden. With such powerful tools at their disposal, it is only a matter of tie before humanity learns that truth is indeed sometimes stranger than fiction. That the creatures that haunt their imaginations, stalk their dreams, and inhabit their stories are reality. It is time for the different factions to decide how they are going to play their hand. Will they reveal themselves to anyone? Will they fight to keep their existence secret? And...

    Winds of Change

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    GM: Dani L.
  • Last update: 21 Mar 00:36
  • Day: Sat, Apr 04, 2015
  • Time: 02:15AM UTC
  • Length: 3-4
  • This is an Urban Shadows game for the Nightbreed group (with much love!) using the most recent version of the rules. Much has changed in the Windy City, what with a new alpha in one of the wolf packs, the title of Prince of the City waiting to be claimed by one of the vampires who survived the recent attack by the Templars and the wizards, and the mysterious creatures known as the fae becoming more active... A storm is brewing, it is only a matter of time before it breaks. How the city and its inhabitants weather it what...

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    Nathaniel 'Nate' Young

  • Player: Andrew Medeiros
  • Name: Nathaniel Young Archetype: Vamp Look: Male, Muscled Body, Deep Eyes, Weathered Hands   Blood  2 Heart  1 Mind  0 Spirit  0   Mortality 1 Night 1 Power -1 Wild 1   Armor:     Archetype Moves: Eternal Hunger (Human Blood) The Daystar Burns!   Corruption Moves:   Advances:   Root Corruption Move: When you kill a person or when...

    Tessa 'Teardrop' Hood

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  • Player: Andrew Medeiros
  • Tessa 'Teardrop' Hood The Hunter Look: Female, Petite Body, Vindictive Eyes, Thin Hands Blood 2 Heart 1 Mind 0  Spirit 0   Mortality 1 Power 0 Night 1 Wild 0   Moves; Slayer - Roll with Blood instead of Spirit to Stand Strong  Deadly - When inflicting harm, increase it by 1      

    Carmen Mazur, The Wolf

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    Player: Dani L.
  • Name: Carmen Mazur Look: Female            Mixed            Dark Clothing Demeanor: Aggressive Stats: Blood 2, Heart 1, Mind 0, Spirit 1 Factions: Mortality 0, The Barbarois 1, Knight Unlimited 2, Disciples of Ahura 0, Undine 0 Gear: A duffel bag with your personal belongings            a shitty cellphone           9mm Beretta (2-harm close loud)           Switchblade (2-harm hand concealable)  ...

    Arthur Fitzroy, The Tainted

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    Player: Dani L.
  • Name: Arthur Fitzroy Gender: Male Look: powerful body, distant eyes, jagged hands Stats: Blood 1 (scarred- disfigured), Heart 3, Mind 1, Spirit 2 Faction Rapport: Mortality 0, Night 2, Power 1, Wild 3   Corruption Move When you kill a person or when you save a person’s life, mark corruption. Intimacy Move When you share a moment of intimacy -physical or emotional -with another...

    Elias Vargas, The Aware

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    Player: Dani L.
  • Name: Elias Vargas Look: Male           Hispanic/Latino           Everyday Clothing   Demeanor: Paranoid   Stats Blood -1 Heart 1 Mind 2 Spirit 0   Factions Mortality 1 Night 0 Power 1 Wild 0   Intro Who are you? "I'm Elias Vargas, a second-generatio immigrant and med student. Basically a normal guy. At...

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    Session 1/2 Journal Entry

  • Elias Vargas, The Aware
  • 04 Nov 22:30
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  • Seems like the boss is in trouble again. So is Suzie’s sister. So am I. I have a feeling that it’s all connected; I just wish I could know whether this is a feeling or a Feeling.  It started when I was closing down the shop. It’s an interesting place;...

    Session 30 Journal Entry

    Polly, Finally, a chance to write. Where did I leave off? Oh yes, the Dionysian (literal and metaphorical) revel at the museum. My work there wasn’t done. Monica asked me to do her a favor. She wanted me to put a headset on Depak that would allow Clio to take...

    Session 29 Journal Entry

    Polly, I’ve had to move. My involvement with Hecate means the end of my time with Enkidu, which I suppose is a relief in some ways. I’ve lost the apartment. Kora and Monica were gracious enough to allow me to stay with them until I can find other accommodations. I...

    Session 28 Journal Entry

    Polly, I have the energy to write again and tell you about the rest of the wedding. After I delivered the arrow, Hecate took her leave. When I kissed her hand, the same one that was on mine appeared there. I had not intended or expected that. Eros’ black arrow...

    Session 27 Journal Entry

    Polly, If we ever get married, we should elope like Kora and Monica’s friends did.  That is, assuming you would ever want to marry me. You deserve to know the full truth, love, and see a different side of it than the one I would show you. It wouldn’t be...