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Spencer Winfield

High Concept Aspect: "Word Slingin' Wizard" Spencer works as a roving reporter for the Southwestern Arcane, based out of San Antonio, is a tabloid rag that reports on the paranormal. Through the extensive contacts the paper has, he's sent all over the Southwest to look into stories of the supernatural. He uses his own knowledge of the supernatural to decide what...


Brin portrait
Beliefs Belief 1: Belief 2:  Belief 3: I will attain wealth and power by any means, arcane or mundane. But the surest way is to build a famous reputation as a powerful hero!   Instincts Instinct 1: When danger looms, protect myself with Touch Not Sublime Flesh. Instinct 2: When darkness falls, cast Wyrd Light into my staff. Instinct 3: Never let...


  • Player: James Edwards
  • "...he used to be an adventurer like you, but then he took my arrow in the knee."

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    Oger Boobs?

  • So you want to be a Hero?
  • 15 Jun 23:55
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  • After the group went around killing more dire rats a wizard appeared out of nowhere, and used his "alter breast" spell on Thunk the Ogre, to give the Ogre huge breast. Brog the Half ORc was so shoked at the possibillity of having breats his beat the Wizard called Hairy...

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    I'm Dave. I've been gaming for about ten years. I have experience running several system, including shadowrun 3+4, warhammer frp, star wars d20, and d&d 3.5.