Another Perfect Wedding (Episode 43)

Prometheus and Io get married at a lovely garden ceremony. Prometheus’ ex-wife, Aphrodite, gives Prometheus everlasting love as a gift. Actually, she arranges for his wedding ring to be enchanted so that he falls head-over-heels in love with Io in the same way that Prometheus’ love potion made Aphrodite fall head-over-heels in love with him.

At one point, Prometheus tells Sullivan (spends a debt) to run interference against Io’s enemies (mainly I.S. but also the wolves in South London where she caused a riot, also Abby’s shades dislike her because she stole some of their followers and tried to mold them into Prometheus’ image).

Prometheus tries to forge a ring that will counteract the enchantment that Aphrodite put on his wedding ring, but he uses some of the drugged champagne as a component and it disintegrates at the end of the ceremony. Acting quickly, Promtheus flees with Io on a stolen chariot to Elysium, where the enchanted wedding ring will not work. Unfortunately, it seems that the chariot ride is a one-way trip.

Elysium is a magical place, like Tahiti. Many dead heroes have ended up there. When Prometheus arrives at Elysium, he ends up at the villa of his old frenemy Aristokles. Prometheus devises a plan to get Daedalus to help him design and make something (another chariot, perhaps) that he could use to escape. He foresees that he could create something truly innovative (and possibly dangerous) if he tweaks the design with something behind Daedalus’ back.

Vijay has a pretty good time at the wedding with British Museum director Ian Macgreggor. At one point, he witnesses a secret deal. An invisible agent (Jason) hands off stolen documents to Sullivan. Vijay does some amazing spycraft stuff and gets the documents away from Sullivan without her realizing it. Then Vijay finds out that Thalia has infiltrated Special Investigations headquarters. Thalia just lost her grant and has become desperate. Vijay rescues his crew just before Thalia leads them onto an RAF helicopter (piloted by Vijay’s agent, Candika “Candy” Witherspoon) with a bunch of rubber masks and several sacks of pranking material. Unfortunately, he has to take the place of his crew. He ends up falling under Thalia’s influence and drops leaflets that insult rich/powerful/famous people at Regent’s Park. Sullivan is made to look like a fool. Satisfied with this final act of inspired comedy, Thalia leaves London (and earth) for good. Vijay is still under the influence of Thalia until he makes some comedy worthy of being displayed in a museum. Detective King picks him up.

At the wedding, Morrissey is providing the entertainment. Kora has to get away at some point, and that’s when she’s ambushed by Medea (in Kalissa’s body). Medea pulls Kora into the underworld and drugs her with a potion that lowers inhibitions. Kora shoots Kalissa in the process. Kora ends up back at the wedding, where most of the guests are drugged through the champagne. The wedding turns into a wild party where it is revealed that Dionysus has returned to his body!

For a long time, Dionysus’ soul was trapped inside a supercomputer in the British Museum. The muse Clio was inhabiting his body. Weary of life on earth, Clio voluntarily leaves the body, and Dionysus got back inside. It was not revealed who freed Dionysus’ soul from the supercomputer, although Kora pretended to access that computer a short time ago so she would get arrested.

Dionysus is about to use the party to summon Medea from the afterlife, but Kora and Kalissa stop him before he finishes. The party comes crashing to a halt and Dionysus is cut off from his powers in the process. Kora and Monica interrogate him and he reveals that Medea is still on her way. He also claims that they will need him alive if they want to stop her from manifesting on earth. It looks like the best way to stop Medea at this point is to intercept her before she gets to earth. After she arrives, she will be very powerful.

As soon as Kora sobers up, she remembers that she is still under the influence of Clio until she reveals the scandalous history that will lead to Hogan-Howe’s dismissal. The best way to do that right now is to use the stolen documents (currently in Vijay’s hands).