Tears in Heaven (Episode 44)

Prometheus and Io are enjoying their honeymoon in Elysium, but Prometheus has to get to work on a magic ring that will nullify Aphrodite’s curse. He creates the ring with help from Daedalus. Daedalus is flirting with a woman half his age (mentally and emotionally speaking – physical age has no real meaning in Elysium, of course). Prometheus assumes the woman is his assistant, but it turns out that she is Ariadne, Daedalus’ fiancé. They are to be married the next day.

Meanwhile, on Earth, Monica and Kora deal with the aftermath of Prometheus' wedding reception. They convince Kalissa to allow herself to be locked up in the magic garden beneath Hampstead Manor so that Medea cannot cause mischief by possessing her for a while. Kalissa agrees on the condition that she will be automatically released in three days, thanks to an enchanted sports watch she gives to Monica (the watch used to belong to Arthur – was Kalissa lying about not having any attachments to him?). Kalissa will also be released early if the watch is destroyed or if anyone tries to tinker with it.

Kora and Monica have a private discussion about Medea’s impending return to London. They see an opportunity to transfer her powers to one of them. After all, they have been thinking about taking on more power and authority. Someone needs to do a better job of protecting the shadows of London from a growing number of serious threats.

One symptom of these serious threats is Vijay’s newfound love of comedy. Inspired by the Siren, Thalia, he impersonates Defense Minister Lord Earl Howe at a strategic post-Brexit military strategy meeting. He spurs isolationist policy changes that offends N.A.T.O. and almost leads to the unthinkable – discovery of the existence of the supernatural outside the defense ministry. Assistant Under-Secretary of State Savannah Markham, one of two people in the British Government aware of the Circles, barely covers up the incident. Vijay is freed from Thalia’s influence by pulling off this colossal jape, but it will cost him.

Kora and Monica talk Persephone into taking them to Elysium in Hades’ coach, drawn by four black horses and attended by a spectral coachman. Persephone warns them that she would be breaking the rules by doing this, but when has that ever stopped her, really? Soon after they arrive in Elysium, the coach is impounded by Rhadamanthys, the judge of the dead and ruler of Elysium. Kora and Monica briefly ask Prometheus about how to transfer the powers of a god into a human before heading to court. Kora says they need to make sure an adversary does not return to power, but she does not disclose who it is. Prometheus seems cautious.

The Director (Ian MacGreggor, director of the British Museum) visits Vijay at his residence. He sadly informs Vijay that one of them will need to resign in order to cover up the incident at the Defense Ministry. The Director will let Vijay decide and gives him a few days to think it over. Happily, afterwards, the two of them are able to put business aside for a few hours and have dinner together. Sullivan and Special Investigations try in vain to monitor them, but The Director’s veil of secrecy confounds them. Vijay’s relationship with Ian is on the verge of violating ethics policies in the department, but the audience (chorus?) praises them for taking the next step.

In Elysium, Rhadamanthys is initially reluctant to let Kora, Monica and Persephone off the hook. Kora finds some leverage when Rhadamanthys’ niece, Ariadne, interrupts the proceedings to ask him to speed along the processing of their marriage license. Kora shows Rhadamanthys how he could get Ariadne out of his hair for a while by ordering her to escort her and Monica back to Earth. Rhadamanthys seizes the opportunity. Ariadne is not pleased. She was supposed to get married the next day (to Daedalus) and has to delay the marriage. Kora says she will make it up to Ariadne by throwing her a bachelorette party.

Kora and Monica watch as Ariadne reluctantly bids Daedalus goodbye and joins them on Elysium’s official ferry to Earth.

Following some advice from Kora and Monica, Prometheus visits Io at a luxury spa. Everything is perfectly wonderful there, down to the hot rock massage. There is even the spirit of Eric Clapton, dreaming from earth, playing “Tears in Heaven” in the background. Prometheus’ rival, Aristokles, is already at the spa trying to woo Io for himself. Prometheus flusters his rival by manipulating Io into (mistakenly) deducing that she is physiologically incompatible with Aristokles.

Io joins Prometheus at Daedalus’s workshop to help repair Medea’s chariot. Prometheus tells Daedalus that Ariadne does not really love him and is just using him, but Daedalus will not listen. Daedalus talks about watching Ariadne grow up and building things for her at the Palace of Knossos during the age of heroes. They had a brief relationship that did not work out, but he never stopped loving her. He laments that Kora and Monica have taken Ariadne away from him just when he was about to get the one thing that would make him truly happy. Io and Daedalus head off to have a few drinks together, with Prometheus’ blessing. Io seems eager to experiment with her open marriage.

Prometheus finds Medea inspecting the repairs to her chariot. After talking to her for a while, Prometheus realizes that “Medea” is actually Ariadne in disguise. Ariadne confesses that she and Medea have somehow exchanged appearances. The plan was for Medea to marry Daedalus, tricking him into thinking he was marrying Ariadne. Daedalus was to think that Medea had persuaded Ariadne to love him. In return, Daedalus would repair Medea’s chariot so she could visit her daughter on Earth for a while. In reality, Ariadne was going to visit earth and find a way to stay there with help from Dionysus. Ariadne still loves Dionysus, who rescued her from that jerk, Theseus, after the minotaur incident on Crete. Ariadne angrily compliments Prometheus for seeing through the ruse. She begs him not to interfere. Prometheus says he will not interfere at first, but that is before he realizes that Medea (appearing to be Ariadne) has just gone to Earth with Kora and Monica. Prometheus did not experience any of Medea’s treachery first hand, but he is aware of it.

At Hampstead Manor on Earth, Medea (disguised as Ariadne) plays along with Monica and Kora’s attempts to console her with a traditional bachelorette party screening of Magic Mike. Medea’s mature composure contrasts with Persephone’s frolicking. Vijay interrupts to ask Kora about her guest. Whenever a new supernatural entity enters London, the Grad Ward alerts the heads of the Circles and someone (Vijay in this case) is assigned to investigate. Kora talks Vijay into waiving the usual interview and granting a temporary visa. Kora goes back to the party, unaware that she is actually sheltering a real monster.

On Kora’s advice, Vijay is having Sullivan tailed. Sullivan actually goes to Hampstead Manor shortly after Vijay. Sullivan asks about the guest, and Vijay does not share any real information. Sullivan then privately warns Vijay that many people in I.S. are concerned about the higher ups (Hogan-Howe, Special Investigations, The Director) after Hogan-Howe’s suspicious reinstatement, the lack of shared information between I.S. and Special Investigations and the increasing frequency of serious incidents in London. She mentions the helicopter incident, but there is really nothing to talk about. Vijay is cordial, but does not give Sullivan anything that she wants. Sullivan wryly tells Vijay not to bother informing her about why his crew is tailing her (Anna King, Vijay’s best detective, apologizes for being noticed). Sullivan mentions that Vijay’s predecessor did the same thing. Vijay seizes the opportunity to tail Sullivan himself, vaguely aware that some of The Director’s veil of secrecy has rubbed off on him. Finally, it seems, Vijay will be able to find out what Sullivan is really up to. Chances are, he will see her speaking in confidence to her ally, Prometheus, when he returns to Earth.