Parts Unknown (Episode 45)

Prometheus returns to earth from Elysium after repairing Daedalus' charriot. Daedalus practically worships Prometheus, but that hasn't stopped Daedalus from flirting with Prometheus' wife, Iota. Prometheus shows Daedalus an equal amount of respect by taking a magic mirror from Daedalus' work shop without asking. Ariadne (disguised as Medea) remains in Elysium, hoping that Medea (disguised as her) returns safely so she can get on with her plan. Ariadne still hopes to visit earth and persuade Dionysus to let her overstay her visa.

At one point, Vijay uses his temporary mantle of obscurity to follow Sullivan directly into Prometheus' workshop. Vijay eavesdrops on Sullivan's conversation with Prometheus, confirming that Sullivan has allied with the former titan. Such an alliance clearly conflicts with her duties as an I.S. inspector. Sullivan obviously feels guilty about that, but thinks she is serving a greater good by working to counteract what she sees as corruption within I.S.

Monica, Kora and Vijay confront Medea at Hedgerow Park (Kora’s Green Space) near the British Museum. Medea drops her disguise and gloats about how she deceived everyone to return to London. The situation quickly escalates into violence. Medea is nearly killed, but she expels Kora through the Wild to parts unknown. During the fight, Medea arranges for Kalissa’s watch to break. The watch was the focus for the spell that was imprisoning Kalissa in the underground garden at Hampstead Manor. Medea disappears, leaving Monica and the others with a dreadful choice – rescue Kora from whatever peril Medea had wrought for her or rush to Hampstead Manor to prevent Medea from possessing Kalissa again. Understandably, Monica chooses to find Kora first.

Kora ends up at the Shaka Zulu club. The renegade muse, Erato, has enticed Kora into shooting an apple off Rose’s head for entertainment. Kora is using Eros’ bow. Prometheus and Monica rush to intervene. In the struggle, Prometheus is struck by the arrow. The arrow compels Prometheus to engage in grand acts of romantic mischief. He runs off with Rose to parts unknown while Monica tries slap Erato’s influence out of Kora.