Reborn Again (Episode 46)

The story continues at the Shaka Zulu club in London. Kora, still under the influence of Erato’s corrupted inspiration, convinces a large group to stage a performance of Magic Mike (spreading the corruption to others in the process). Vijay and his crew coordinate with I.S. to arrange a “2-10,” which is code for a large scale clandestine mental deprogramming operation, after the performance. I.S. has to spend significant resources on this, so they ask for something in return. Vijay must decide by tomorrow morning whether he or the Director will take the blame for the “Thalia incident.”

Monica chases Erato to the roof. A muse-inspired crowd tries to stop Monica, but she intimidates them into letting her past by making a few people forget their history. On the roof, Monica stops Erato with an arrow from Artemis’ bow. As Erato lies bleeding on the roof, Monica consumes her essence to make sure that the muse never threatens her beloved Kora again. Clio flies down from Olympus to scold Monica for killing her sister. Monica breaks up with Clio and becomes the new Erato. One of Vijay’s agents witnesses the scene.

Prometheus and Rose steal a Lamborghini Aventador and head for the Ministry of Sound. On the way, Prometheus phones in a tip to Vijay – a potent bright mist was seen floating over Westminster. The mist was actually half of Persephone’s beauty that escaped during an experiment in Prometheus’ workshop, but Vijay doesn’t need to know that. For the moment, Prometheus has better things to do than create a functional clone of Persephone.

Monica returns to the club and uses her newfound power to break the influence of her predaccessor’s corrupted inspiration over Kora and the club. Vijay happily calls off the 2-10. Monica and Kora head back to the manor. Monica explains her new identity as “Erato” to Kora, who is a bit concerned. However, it’s hard to complain about Monica’s shift in personality.

Prometheus and Rose meet Medea (disguised as Kalissa) at the Ministry of Sound. While Rose is getting drinks, Medea tries to tempt Prometheus to dump Rose and join her in something big. Prometheus respectfully declines. Rose is oblivious to it all. Rose seduces Prometheus on the dance floor and drinks some of his blood. When he comes to his senses, he sees Medea lures Rose into Dance Hall Number 2. He tries to get Rose’s attention to stop her, but in his muse-inspired state accidentally goes too far and creates a bit of a spectacle.

Vijay’s worst agent, Lawrence, spies on Prometheus and Rose at the Ministry of Sound. While updating Vijay on the phone, Agent Lawrence finds a cryptic clue from the Director (Ian MacGreggor) in his pocket. One of Medea’s thralls subdues Lawrence. Vijay gets to the club quickly, but it takes him some time to piece together what’s going on. The Director is somewhere at the club and in too much trouble to answer Vijay’s calls.

Prometheus steels himself with a drink, conceals himself with magic, and infiltrates Dance Hall Number 2. He discovers that Medea has enthralled several people (including Rose, Lawrence and all of Abby’s shades) into helping her stage a powerful Shadowland performance ritual. Eventually, he learns that the ritual will allow Medea to become the new Hecate (along with Rose and Abby). Prometheus inadvertently joins the ritual as a performer (“Orpheus”) just as it begins. As it was during Medea’s previous Shadowland ritual (see Session 9), people outside the ritual cannot affect anyone inside the ritual. However, anyone who manages to join the ritual as a performer is relatively safe from Medea as long as they continue to perform. Thus, even if Medea wanted to kick Prometheus out of the hall as a precaution, she can only act against him if it makes sense in the narrative of the performance.

Monica and Kora return home to the manor to find that there’s been an attempted burglary. Inspector Broadridge, the most mediocre man in I.S., questions them but doesn’t learn much. Eventually, Monica and Kora determine that Medea caused the commotion when she possessed Kalissa’s body. Medea nearly obliterated Matthews as she fled. Kalissa saved Matthews by trapping him in a magic flask just as Medea unleashed her power on him, making Medea think she had killed him. Despite the seriousness of it all, Monica convinces Kora to take some time out for some much needed recreation.

Late at night, I.S. special consultant Andrea Mancini knocks on the door. Monica and Kora reluctantly let her in. Kalissa’s soul has possessed her shadow and can only communicate when someone reflects the shadow in a mirror. Eventually they figure out that Medea (in Kalissa’s body) is up to something big at the Ministry of Sound and they need to stop her. Kalissa says she can’t kill her mom, even though she is the only one who can harm Medea now. Medea’s intentions are unclear and nobody has a plan to stop her. However, everyone seems to agree that Kalissa may be more trouble than she’s worth and that Monica’s new groove is definitely worth checking out.

At the Ministry of Sound, the Ian finds Vijay and has a quiet chat. Long ago, Medea and Ian established the dominance of Olympus in the Circles of London. The Olympians gave them the power they needed to set up the Circles the way they wanted. In return, the gods of Olympus ended up with the vast influence they now enjoy in London. It was going well until Medea became too corrupt about 20 years ago and was overthrown by the heads of the Circles. Ian owes his mantle of obscurity to Medea – she created it for him. So when Medea found him and asked to borrow it for a while, he couldn’t really turn her away. He insisted on tagging along with her and trying to talk her out of whatever it is she’s going to do. As Vijay and Ian look down upon Medea’s Shadowland performance ritual, Ian says he should take the blame for the Thalia incident.

Kora and Monica head to the Ministry of Sound. They send Andrea to I.S. headquarters to requisition the dagger (the tooth of the graeae) that they used to kill Medea once before. Unfortunately, someone ambushes Andrea in the vault and takes the tooth. Kalissa’s shadow transfers to Monica. Kora can’t help noticing that Kalissa is now in a perfect position for eying up Monica.

Vijay manages to take the place of one of the performers, next to Prometheus. Prometheus plays his part in Medea’s retelling of the story of Orpheus for now, devising a few ways to turn the situation to his advantage along the way. In Medea’s version of the story, Orpheus actually falls in love with Hecate and brings her up from the Underworld.