Breaking Much More than a Leg (Episode 47)

As Medea’s performance ritual continues in a private hall at the Ministry of Sound, Monica, Rose and Medea are playing the part of the three aspects of Hecate. Rose plays the part of the maiden while Medea plays the matron. Monica has replaced Abby (a prominent shade in the Underground) as Hecate’s crone aspect in the performance.

I.S. is still trying to piece together what happened. Apparently, Kora prevented Abby from taking part in the performance. In retaliation, Abby attacked Kora. Kora is now hospitalized.

Medea was using some of Persephone’s mythical beauty cream to control the audience and make the performance work in her favor. Prometheus steals the beauty cream from Medea and Medea poisons him in retaliation. Now Prometheus is more radiant and attractive than he has ever been in his life, which could end very soon. Prometheus leaves the Ministry of Sound before the performance is over.

The performance ritual ends when Monica beats Medea to the roof of the performance hall. Monica takes Medea’s chariot (the one pulled by twin dragons) to Olympus to meet a council of the major gods. The gods congratulate her on joining their ranks. All Monica needs to do now is put on a ceremonial robe to acknowledge her acceptance of Hecate’s power and responsibility. Rose and Medea will need to put on their robes too, although they are not present. The gods give three robes to Monica and say it’s up to her to do the rest. Of course, Kalissa’s shadow is still attached to Monica the whole time.

When Medea and Vijay reach the roof of the Ministry of Sound, Medea laments that Monica beat her to the finish line and took her chariot. Medea’s current whereabouts are unknown.

Vijay assumes his new position as The Director and finds that his crew cannot see him. Apparently Ian's mantle of obscurity has passed on to Vijay, but Vijay does not know how to use it propertly. Ian knows his old enemies will come for him, but decides to stay out in the open, willing to accept whatever punishment others think he deserves. When Vijay looks for Ian at the British Museum, he finds Jason searching for something in his office - something in a secret file marked "golden fleece."