The Mother's Day Incident (Episode 48)

At London Bridge Hospital, Kora slips into critical condition and her soul finds herself at the gates of Hades. The inhabitants of that Underworld place give Kora a wide berth as proceeds to the palace. Hades greets her rather coldly, still recalling the time she stole Persephone’s beauty cream from the palace (see Episode 17). Kora talks her way into a pact with Hades. Kora gets “the power to make the changes you want in London” in return for binding her life to Hades. As long as Kora wears a magic gold bracelet (which appears to be a medalert bracelet), she cannot die. Also, she can invoke the power of Hades for all sorts of purposes. Unfortunately, she’ll be at death’s door again if she loses the bracelet. Also, Hades can use the bracelet to pull her back down to the Underworld if she offends him, although he says he will warn her first.

After Kora makes a “miraculous” recover at the hospital, Kora and Monica spend some quality time together at the safe house. Kalissa’s soul is still stuck in Monica’s shadow. Previously, Kalissa lost her body to her mother, Medea, but managed to transfer her soul to Andrea's shadow. After Andrea went missing at I.S. while trying to retrieve the tooth of the Graeae (Kora and Monica wanted her to get it in order to fight Medea), Kalissa's soul ended up in Monica's shadow. While Kora and Monica are busy at the safe house, Kalissa completes a ritual to create a new body for herself out of all the darkness in Kora's safe house (plus Monika's shadow), although now she owes a debt to Nyx. Monica gives Kalissa something to wear and tells her not to let the door hit her backside on the way out. Monica gets some well-deserved rest, having been up all night at the hospital.

Prometheus is dying from Medea’s poison and knows that he can save himself by consulting the ghost of the witch, Circe, about a cure. Putting that concern aside for the moment, he visits Abraham at the Abandoned Station (Underground Headquarters). When he tries to ask Abraham for a grant, Abraham says he just granted all the grants he has to spare (to the mother’s day gang – see below). Prometheus impressively gets his cell phone to work in the Abandoned Station (through a ghost switchboard operator) and works out a different deal – Rose will give up her grant because she still loves Prometheus. Prometheus doesn’t tell Rose or Abraham that he’s giving the grant to Sullivan, although Abraham seems to figure it out (he would have to find out eventually, anyway, since he administers grants for the Underground). Abraham is actually pleased to have Rose out of his Circle because he’s tired of taking heat for her actions. Roses’ fate in London is up to Prometheus now. He can acknowledge her as a guest and basically grant her a Visa for several months, but his own grant will be at risk if she causes any major problems. During the conversation, Prometheus thinks Abraham may have figured out more about his relationship with Sullivan than Prometheus would like to reveal. Prometheus figures Abraham will only use those secrets as bargaining chips if it’s necessary and tells Rose to meet him for lunch at the British Museum.

Kora calls up Hades from the safe house and asks him for the dirt on Medea. Unfortunately, Medea is one step ahead of her. Somehow, she’s used her influence to modify the records in the palace of Hades. On the soul-infused parchment where the information should be, Medea has left taunt and a threat. Kora looks outside and sees a dragon wrapped around her safe house, just waiting for Kora to step outside. Kora decides to take a back door and invokes the power of Hades to transport herself directly into Abraham’s personal studio flat.

At the British Museum, Prometheus spies a very special mother’s day lunch in progress. Nyx (primordial goddess of night) is celebrating with four of her children: Thanatos (death), Phobetor (nightmare), Hypnos (sleep) and Nemesis (divine vengeance). Prometheus boldly introduces himself and casts about for some way to ingratiate himself with the mother’s day crowd. Nyx berates Prometheus for bringing fire to humanity – something which she sees as an affront to her domain. Thanatos has a watch with Prometheus’ face on it that he keeps checking. Nemesis is using a tinder like app to organize who she plans to smite. Medea ends up in the smite category. She pauses when Prometheus’ face comes up.

Rose asks Hypnos, “isn’t mother’s day already past?” To which Hypnos replies, “only if you’re using the Gregorian Calendar.”

Prometheus offers to help Nemesis find Medea if she comes for a visit at his laboratory. Nyx leaps on the table and declares her decision not to forgive Prometheus’ slight against her from the Age of Legends. Nemesis obediently swipes left on Prometheus and gets out her whip and dagger. Prometheus does some quick calculations and realizes that if he allows Nemesis to kill him and makes a good show of it, he will impress most of the mother’s day gang and gain an opportunity to pay tribute to Nyx with his dying breath. Eager to test out his immortality, Prometheus allows Nemesis to slay him. The fight is spectacular. Prometheus is stabbed with every kind of sharp implement within the café. Rose cowers nearby. Bystanders panic and I.S. has a new mess to cover up. As Prometheus dies, he whispers to Rose to take him to his lab. Then, with his dying breath, he enchants London to fall under a veil of night. Meteorologists are baffled as the famous London Fog descends on the city for several days. Night, and all of the concepts associated with it, will reign within the fog while it lasts. If Prometheus had died permanently, the effect could have been even greater.

As the panicked civilians flee the scene, Phobetor gleefully pronounces “you’ll all have nightmares about this soon!” Hypnos calms Nyx and keeps her from causing any additional trouble. Thanatos is pleased – apparently he’ll have some time off because Prometheus is dying ahead of schedule.

Abraham is surprised to see Kora materialize in his personal flat. He sees her powerful entrance as a sign of her being a rising star in London. Kora modestly asks for a favor – she wants Abraham to help protect her and Monica from Medea’s wrath. Abraham agrees to help if Kora uses her influence at I.S. to turn down the heat on the Underground’s newest members – the mother’s day gang. Through his remote-control, high definition display, Abraham reveals that his intelligence on Medea and the incident at the British Museum is better than what they have at I.S. Kora has a hard time reading Abraham, but figures she can trust him for now.

Kora calls Rose to check in with her. At that point, Rose is in tears as Conrad is driving her to the lab with Prometheus’ body. Kora’s assurance that Prometheus will come back to life in a few hours does nothing for Rose’s trauma. One can sympathize since Nemesis thrust a kebab skewer through his eye. While on the phone, Rose describes a curious scene outside the front door of the lab. I.S. is posting a notice of their intent to evict Prometheus from the basement of their headquarters. Sullivan is on the scene and talks to Rose about it while Kora listens. It seems that Hogan-Howe has finally realized that Prometheus is no longer mortal in any sense and therefore has no place with I.S. Kora advises Rose on how to keep herself together and promises to visit the lab later to check on her.

When Prometheus comes back to life, he is naked on an operating table in his lab. Sullivan updates him on the latest news, including her resignation and the eviction notice. Prometheus informs her that he’s secured a grant, as promised. Then he lays on the charm. Although Sullivan is not normally prone to romantic escapades, Prometheus is still imbued with a half portion of Persephone’s mythical beauty cream. Sullivan jumps him right then and there. Afterwards, she mentions that she has no regrets but kindly asks Prometheus to keep their relationship professional outside of the bedroom. Also, she remembers to tell Prometheus that Niemi (Prometheus’ secretary and a gorgon-construct) has turned Rose to stone.

By the time Kora visits Prometheus’ lab, Prometheus is indisposed. Kora recalls her previous experiences at Prometheus’ lab and refuses to set foot inside. Niemi will not explain where Rose is, or what happened to her. Kora shrugs and leaves, but later thinks that something unfortunate may have happened to Rose.

Kora bumps into Hogan-Howe on the street and accompanies him into I.S. for a briefing. He reveals that Sullivan has resigned from I.S. and joined Prometheus’ crew, since she left the mortal fold herself some time ago. Hogan-Howe is disappointed in Sullivan. Also, I.S. is now short staffed and forced to rely more on their less reliable agents, such as the mediocre Inspector Broadridge and the conspicuously martial Inspector Vargas. Hogan-Howe puts Kora in charge of the investigation into the mother’s day gang incident. Kora persuades him to bend the rules by not bringing the mother’s day gang in to headquarters for interrogation. Hogan-Howe reluctantly agrees. He says he trusts Kora’s judgment, unaware that she is allowing Abraham to influence the investigation.

Broadridge wrongly suspects Kalissa may have instigated the mother’s day incident because he saw Kalissa (in shadow body form) acting suspiciously at the scene while he was questioning Nyx. Kora allows Broadridge to follow up on his suspicion, although he clearly did not even recognize Nyx or Kalissa for who they were. Vargas shows that she’s got some basic investigation skills by telling Kora some useful things that anyone could look up in the I.S. database. For example, she knows the identities of everyone in the mother’s day gang and the interesting fact that they just received their grants that morning. Hogan-Howe assigns Vargas to partner with Kora, but Kora convinces Vargas to keep an eye on Broadridge instead. Consequently, Kora cancels out whatever trouble Broadridge was going to cause by investigating Kalissa.

Everyone has forgotten, or nearly forgotten, about Vijay. It seems that The Director’s mantle has already worked it’s magic on everyone’s memories about Vijay. At one point, Hogan-Howe remembers Vijay and realizes that someone should look into him. He gives Kora a rare memory tablet with Vijay’s basic information on it. Kora will not be able to completely forget about Vijay while she has it on her person. Hogan-Howe recommends that Kora look into why Special Investigations and The Director seem to be disorganized – usually, they are more helpful when a major incident occurs.

When Kora does some routine database searching at I.S. headquarters, she triggers a sorcerous booby trap. Jason has arranged for her to be transported to Colchis during the Age of Legends. Kora finds herself on a remote hilltop, staring at the mythical golden fleece. The fleece is hanging from a tree and protected by a never-sleeping dragon-serpent, as it was before Jason, Medea and the Argonauts stole it. From some unrevealed hiding place nearby, Kora hears Jason’s voice. Jason apologizes for using Kora as bait, but says it was necessary. Kora’s response is understandably unkind.

Kora boldly dashes past the serpent, making clever use of cover as she tries to evade it. Unfortunately, the mythical beast catches her by the leg and tosses her down the hill. As Kora tries to stand up, she sees Medea approaching on a chariot, pulled by two dragons. Medea remarks that she expected to get the drop on Jason, but is pleased that Kora is there instead.