Night-rise (Episode 49)

A mysterious fog has rolled into London, thanks to the Veil of Night that Prometheus unleashed to appease Nyx. The Underground is more powerful than it has ever been. As always with the Underground, it's hard to tell who is really in control or what their agenda may be.

Vijay meets with Hogan-Howe at an upscale brewpub downtown. They discuss the latest problems facing the invisible world, such as the London Fog, the Mother’s Day Incident and Kora’s disappearance. At some point during the meeting, Hypnos makes his presence known to Vijay. After Hogan-Howe leaves, Vijay talks to Hypnos to see what he wants. Hypnos tries to put in a good word for his mother (Nyx) and the rest of his family, saying he will help keep them under control. Suddenly, Twin sisters Astrape and Bronte burst upon the scene and try to assassinate Hypnos with a hail of bullets. Thanks to Vijay, Hypnos is only kidnapped. Unfortunately, a bystander is murdered and I.S. will have a great deal of paperwork to manage. Hypnos’ brother, Thanatos, is there. Vijay and Thanatos form a temporary alliance to rescue Hypnos.

Monica is going around with three celestial robes, looking for a way to cut Medea out of her role in the reincarnation of Hecate. Monica eventually learns that the best way to do it without collateral damage is to conduct a modified version of Medea’s shadow theater ritual. Monica gets to work on it. She is going to need help from Kalissa, who is currently stuck in shadow form. Monica has noticed that Kora is missing, but is unable to track her down. At some point, Monica ends up at Temple Church and crosses paths with Vijay and Prometheus.

Vijay and Thanatos track Hypnos to the basement of Temple Church. During a brief confrontation with Astrape and Bronte, Hypnos nearly dies but Monica and Vijay save him. Astrape and Bronte flee the scene. It becomes known that Astrape and Bronte are the bearers of Zeus’ thunder and lightning. They are enacting revenge on Hypnos for the role he played in imprisoning Zeus on the moon long ago. How the twin sisters plan to avoid the wrath of Nyx for killing her beloved son is unknown. Bronte seems to be the more reasonable of the two sisters, and there is friction between her and the hot-headed Astrape about how far to go in their vendetta. Thanatos, who had been eagerly counting down the minutes until someone’s potential death, leaves in disappointment.

Persephone has offered to host Prometheus in the basement at the Temple Church (Nec Plus Ultra). Prometheus visits her to discuss. Really, Prometheus is there to use Persephone’s spirit mirror to ask the ghost of Circe to cure Medea’s poison. Prometheus gets what he wants. He takes the opportunity to test the waters with Circe about forging a closer alliance. Although she is but a shade of her former self, Circe is Medea’s mother and the most powerful witch in the known universe. On his way out, Prometheus borrows (without asking) a magical plant from the inner sanctum.

At some point, it is revealed that Nemesis is hunting for Medea. Rhadamanthys, judge of the dead, asked Nemesis to collect Medea and bring her back to Elysium for trial.