In Threes (Episode 50)

In the Age of Legends, Medea (in Kalissa’s body) lets Kora choose between being bitten by enchanted snakes and put to sleep or being torn apart from dragons. Kora knows that if she’s put to sleep, Medea will use her as bait against Monica, so Kora runs for it. She tries to maneuver the dragons into the serpent of Colchis, hoping the three beasts will clash with each other and give her a chance to escape. Sadly, Kora is not fast enough. Medea’s dragons tear Kora to pieces.

At the Ministry of Sound in London, Monica and Kalissa (in shadow form) are planning to re-enact the shadow play ritual so that all of Hecate’s power will be concentrated upon Monica. Medea shows up and threatens Monica with unspeakable torment. Monica boasts of her accomplishments in an attempt to get Medea to reconsider her attitude. Medea assures Monica that her ruthlessness knows no bounds and holds up Kora’s ring finger, still wearing a wedding ring. Ultimately, Medea and Monica strike a bargain. Medea, Monica and Kalissa will ascend together as Hecate and share power. They still need to re-enact the shadow play ritual to attune one of the celestial robes to Kalissa instead of Rose. Fortunately, the ritual will be easier and safer than Monica’s original plan to concentrate the power on herself because Hecate’s power will be divided three ways.

Meanwhile, Prometheus plays poker at a South London pub with Nemesis and Crawford, the wolf. Prometheus lets Nemesis win by discarding a three that would have given him the winning hand. Nemesis wins, but is insulted when she realizes that Prometheus let her win. Somehow, Prometheus still convinces Nemesis to let him help her find Medea. In return, Nemesis reluctantly agrees to visit Prometheus in his lab so he can study her wings. Together, they head outside to hunt Medea. Crawford parts ways with them, saying three’s a crowd and he doesn’t want to be around when Nemesis kills him again.

Perched on a rooftop in South London, Nemesis gives Prometheus a lock of Medea’s hair from Elysium. She warns him that a powerful curse will be released upon anyone who uses it for sympathetic magic. Prometheus assures Nemesis he has everything under control. He casts a tracking spell. Medea’s curse promptly transforms him into a hideous primordial beast and wards her against him. Prometheus revels in the new experience and may end up eating red meat and howling at the night for weeks afterward in reverie. Prometheus leads Nemesis to the Ministry of Sound.

Meanwhile, Kora returns to life from the Underworld. Her newly grown body is missing a finger. After composing herself, she visits Persephone at the Inner Sanctum of Temple Church to talk about making London a better place. Before long, Demeter barges in and demands to know what Persephone is up to with Prometheus. Persephone reluctantly spills about an elaborate plan to construct a simulacrum of herself that will visit Hades in her place. The ensuing dialogue between these three descendants of Chronus and Rhea is emotional, dramatic and sometimes painful. Kora and Demeter try to convince Persephone not to follow through with her plan. They think Persephone should try harder to temper Hades’ cruelty with kindness for the greater good. Persephone will not abandon her plan unless a friend joins her in Hades. Persephone can’t bear the thought of being alone with Hades for one quarter of the rest of eternity. But if a friend were with her, maybe a group of three would work out. She wants Kora to do it, but Kora refuses for various (good) reasons. Perhaps Kora can find another friend that will willingly join Persephone in Hades.

Before she leaves, Kora remarks that she’s tired of the rampant madness and death in London. She asks Demeter for help making things better. Demeter thinks Kora is already making a mark at I.S. Demeter thinks it would be inappropriate for a high ranking member of the Pillars to secretly help an I.S. inspector reform the shadows, even with the best intentions. Integrity is important to Demeter. Kora will need to quit I.S. and join the Pillars if she wants any real help from Demeter.

As an aside, Demeter tells Kora that something big is happening at the Ministry of Sound with Monica and Medea. The Underground is in charge of that area and appears to be letting it happen, so Demeter feels that notifying Kora is the best thing she can do to intervene. Kora has Matthews bring the car around.

At the Ministry of Sound, Prometheus (unrecognizable in beast form) smashes through the roof just before Medea, Monica and Kalissa finish the ritual. Nemesis says she’s taking Medea back to Elysium at swords’ point. Kalissa hides in the shadows. Prometheus prowls and surveys the scene from a nearby mezzanine. Monica has no problem with standing back, abandoning the ritual and letting Nemesis do her work. Medea is unhappy but agrees to return to the Court of Rhadamanthys with Nemesis. It is not clear why Medea does not exploit her invulnerability to defy Nemesis.

Nemesis rips Medea’s soul from Kalissa’s body and flies back to Elysium. Kalissa (still in shadow form) surges from the shadows and starts to reclaim her body. Prometheus pounces on Kalissa’s body, wrestles it away from Kalissa and bounds away with it across the rooftops. In the fracas, Prometheus is wounded by some powerful magical backlash. Kalissa is very upset.

Prometheus makes it all the way to Temple Church before returning to his true form. As he ponders how to sneak in, Hecate’s maiden aspect ascends from the underworld to animate Kalissa’s soulless body. Freshly returned from death with only one third of her power, Hecate seems a bit more monstrous and desperate than she was during her previous tenure in London. She drains a bit more of Prometheus’ life force before he convinces her to follow his lead.

Prometheus figures he can convince Circe to share Kalissa’s body with Hecate’s maiden aspect, but only for a short while and only if he puts his own body up for collateral in the deal. Undaunted, Prometheus casts a spell to conceal himself and Hecate as they sneak into Temple Church on the heels of Lukas the Apprentice, a hapless sentry. Hecate nearly kills Lukas to cover their entrance. Prometheus is loathe to offend the Pillars with such an act. Fortunately, he incapacitates Lukas with an electroshock device before Hecate can do any harm.

Kora joins Monica and Kalissa at the Ministry of Sound, where they catch up on current events. As a courtesy, Kalissa uses her shadow magic to rejoin Kora’s dead finger to her new body. Monica calls upon her connection to Hecate’s power to locate Kalissa’s body. In doing so, Monica forges a bond with Hecate’s matron aspect. Her eyes turn black and her voice now eerily resembles Hecate’s. Kalissa correctly concludes that Hecate’s maiden aspect must have possessed her body. Kalissa then incorrectly concludes that Hecate must have sent the beast (Prometheus) to steal her body at a crucial moment.

Kalissa uses her shadow magic to teleport to her body’s location. In the shadows, Monica hears whispers of maiden-Hecate’s conversation with Prometheus. Monica realizes that Prometheus was the beast, but doesn’t yet know what he’s up to. The shadows are unkind to Kora, and her soul emerges from them slightly worse for wear.

Prometheus and maiden-Hecate rush to the puzzle door outside the Inner Sanctum. With her magic, and familiarity with the door during her time at the Pillars, Maiden-Hecate swiftly opens the door and seals it behind them. Kalissa, Monica and Kora are hot on their heels, but stop just outside the puzzle door. Kalissa can open the door from the outside, but it will take time. Perhaps that will be all the time Prometheus needs.

Elsewhere in Temple Church, Vijay emerges from the secret stairwell behind the Knight’s Chapel, having just now returned from the basement (see Episode 49). Perhaps he took a detour to Cancun (see Episode 36).