Allegro says that it is a composer. That is what happens when someone makes the music for other people to play. Sometimes, composers also get to conduct, which means they force the other people to play their song. I am going to be a conductor, but i will not use music. Not all of the time.

I convinced Allegro to write a song the way I wanted it. I convinced Twenty-Eight to write words for the song. This was where Benny would take the song. He would take it to church for me. Benny is a good friend. But I wanted to do it even better. I took a risk

I convinced Eleven to write it in code. Music is the universal language. I told Eleven to give it to his teacher, to give to Benny. I had to control a person without talking to them. I had to trust that my selection was correct. You cannot control everyone. You have to pick the right people. Eleven's teacher was the right people.

Benny says he has a recording of the church singning my song. He says he will find a way for me to have it. Allegro wants the recording. Allegro does not have it. This is called leverage.