A Ballad

I wrote a ballad. It went like this:


Oh to be apart from you, a man cannot live alone,

Be it just five, ‘tis better than one.

For we shall not walk alone,

We shall never be alone,

And we wait for you,

here we shall wait true,

This is your sign,

The sign you have waited for.

Seven said she wanted the poem to be about us and to tell that it was a sign. I don't know any stories like that, so I tried to put in a story about us, and how the teachers came and we didn't need to be lonely. It is also about how we are friends now and do not need to be lonely. I don't think it is a very good story. It needs to have a part where everyone lives happily ever after. That doesn't make it a true story, but that is how I feel, that there should be a happily ever after.
Seven was excited that other people would sing the ballad. I don't know if I'm excited. I already wrote it. It doesn't matter what they do with it, because I already wrote it.