Something I Forgot

The past few days have been pretty miserable. The stress about the last two cores, the drinking, the headaches. The headaches have been terrible. Bennie seemed to be running into them too.  We need to figure this out, maybe I can do some Poesis work, and make it so he doesn't get them... Can't help mine, but at the very least I want to help him with his if it's possible.

I keep feeling like there's something I need to be doing. Or should have done? I guess I feel that way a lot of the time. They can always tell how overworked I am. I can't get that nagging to do list out of my head...  But this feels like something really important.... Ah well. It should eventually be unavoidable if it's so important right?

Evie needs me to keep growing, she hasn't had a full education yet, and one of them even wants some lessons in poesis from me... so headaches or no, back to work.