Old Character Relationships

OOC: Bit of housekeeping here; posting Character relationships from back when Allegro was dynamis # 9.



Character relationships

Teacher: My teacher is very good at music and knows a lot about getting better. She makes mistakes and sometimes I make mistakes. She says mistakes are good but sometimes I'm not so sure because she gets this terrified look in her eyes.

Seven: Seven slips things uner the door some time. It's not fair that she's allowed out and I'm not. But it is nice that she will help everyone else play my music. She is a good assistant.

Eleven: He can't hear anything, so we have to get Twenty-Eight to write things down for him. Seven says that he has clothes like her and the teachers. I guess boys and girls have to wear clothes.

Twenty-Eight: Twenty-Eight knows how to write words, and its good for music to have words. I would like to talk to Twenty-Eight some day, so we can write words and music that go together better.

Sixteen: Sixteen used to play with us, but doesn't anymore. I thought Sixteen was gone, but then Seven said that Sixteen said that Sixteen wasn't going to listen to anyone but Sixteen's teacher anymore. And that includes music. Sixteen's teacher must be terrible if they don't like music.

Bennie: I don't talk to Benny much, but its nice when he stops by. I like his hair.

HIM: He didn't come back and I'm happy about that.