First Session Summary- Prologue

Four angels descend to Ancient Greece during the Dionysia of 405 BCE, tasked with protecting Aristophanes and ensuring that his new play, "The Frogs," will be remembered forever. The team consists of:

Strategos Enkara, a celebrated military leader specializing in stealth and small unit tactics. Posing as a merchant of honey cakes and chestnuts. Enkara manipulates the festival conditions and mobilizes their resources to ensure prime reception for "The Frogs."

Shanesha, one of the first guardian angels, with a deep fascination and love for humanity and their creations. Posing as a chef, she successfully completes the festival sacrifice. And in the shadows, she mercilessly dispatches Aristophanes' would-be-assassin.

Igigi, an up-and-coming informations field agent, with a natural talent for easing secrets out of others. Posing as a slave, they converse with fellow slaves and the great Sappho alike, gathering crucial intel, and advising the rest of the team on the psychological profiles of the people of Athens.

Shiri, a freshly-forged messenger angel. At no more than two feet tall, Shiri is a wisp of a thing, and due to a glitch, is unable to communicate without bursting into song. She successfully drums up interest in "The Frogs." Shanesha might be adopting her in the future.

"The Frogs" takes first place at the festival, and Aristophanes his rightful place in history as Ancient Greece's most esteemed comic playwright. We can only hope to see more great things from this incredibly competent and loyal group of operatives.





Alexis Royce
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  • Tue, Jul 15, 2014

    Historical note: Sappho was not alive during this time. I opted for a more interesting session, rather than one that was 100% historically accuracte, especially since this was a one-shot prologue anyway.

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