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If there is one thing that I hate more than anythin else, it's a fuckin Ramachese. We go to the sandwich shop to stake out the joint. But we realised that nabbin us a Dho-bitch and puttin the squeeze on him would be hard. First of all it's broad fuckin daylight out and no matter how dark the alley is, it just doesn't ever go well. So we pick out a guy and start following him home. Earlier that week Caylob and I were stitchin us a nabbin bag, so we could hold him/her and not worry about drawin too much attention. Well let's just say that it didn't work as well as we had hoped.

So this Dho-bitch gets on one of the rails and starts headin toward a lovely rural area. Kila was able to make it into the same rail car as her, but no matter how hard I muscled my way, Caylob and I were forced into a few cars down. So in an attempt to get people out of my way once we got off, I took out the nabbin bag and started lookin strangely at people. Givin them that Evil Eye! After about thirty miles of this little show the little Dho-bitch get off the rail and starts headin up the street. Again, we couldn't really nab him cause the little fuck just made sure that he had regs around. Then this puny little shit goes into a bakery and just chills. We scatter to points around the joint closin him in. But we didn't know that this shitstain had friends comin to escort him to a safehouse. At this point I was really gunnin to kill them all right there. But I kept my cool and we followed them to the safehouse. The house was fuckin warded and we couldn't see them at all. But having Kali solved that problem. She scanned everywhere and found a set of tunnels that they were in, which led us to another safehouse.

Once this dude had fallen alseep. I had enough just putzin around so I decided fuck it. Kali picked the lock and I just shifted and started stormin up the stairs. I opened the door to see where this bitch was but I couldn't see shit. So Kali came in and pointed out this little Ramachese huddled in a corner. I had to chuckle to myself, I had hoped to catch him in his bed but seein him crouched like Gollum worked too. I lashed out with my tentecles hoping to snag him and be done with it. But that fuckin fuck just dodged me and ran out the room. Try as I might I couldn't hit that fuck, Kali kept tryin to tackle the shit but he kept bouncin like a bouncey ball on crack. Soon I got so fed up with tryin to hit him that I just decided to see what Caylob was up to and let the fast fucks sort themselves out.

I'm glad I did too, cause down here Caylob was having all the fun killin shit. So I decided to join in, the Dho-bitches weren't ready for me. So after I beat the last corpse into a bloody pulp to get out my frustration, apparently they other two nabbed the fuck. So we take him to a safehouse to do some "interrogation" We chained him up to the toilet and the pipes of the bathtub. I had to make some renovations to accomplish this but it was worth it. Apparently he said that dyin was worth the secrets that he kept. I was going to happily oblige him but Kali stopped me. She then went to talk to our handler about getting a telepath so we could read that shit's head. We had some time to kill though so I decided to have some fun and learn about the regenerative properties of a Dho-Bitch. After breakin his leg in several places, the screams were drowning out everythin. And by the second leg that weak fuck passed out, what a wuss. So I decided to see how long it took for everything to grow back. Then when we heard a knock on the door, I had to go apologize to the Asian woman next door. I told her that it was just a horror movie I had too loud. Apparently we really need to sound proof this safehouse.