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    Joe Laurencelle says:
    Wow so eloquently put. Glad you approve : )
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    Kai Mayer says:
    So openly nefarious, so obviously untrustworthy, so deviously demonic... and...
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    I've been gaming for a long time and played a large assortment of games. Currently I am into games like AW, MH, and games using the FATE system. Still, I also enjoy games like Dark Heresy, WW Games, Deadlands, SW, and Superhero themed games.

    I dislike elves because they break too easy.


    What? This donkey? I am just making a few see, I'm in desperate need of a flying steed!

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  • Draven "Fierce" Fancher
  • Fri, Mar 24, 2017
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  • I knew the night would be an important one so I needed to be prepared. I invited Aaron to the warehouse but he was looking rough. It appears that he has no place to go…he is like a ship without a rudder. I offer him a job keeping the place...


  • Draven "Fierce" Fancher
  • Fri, Mar 10, 2017
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  • Time rolls on. It had been several nights since Tessa was cornered by an Invictus errand boy and I was obliged to step-in. The Kindred that had assaulted Tessa was a large fella, a menacing fella. Although Tessa lacked the skill to physically defend herself, she did not lack the...

    Torn to Pieces

  • Draven "Fierce" Fancher
  • Sat, Feb 25, 2017
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  • Upon acquiring a new cell I was mildly surprised by the number of messages left. I knew the feeding was Pleasurable, I recall very well the sensations Mr. Bliss delivered to me on the night I “died.” Still, I was surprised how tenacious some individuals could be when they wanted...

    I Lived

  • Draven "Fierce" Fancher
  • Sat, Feb 11, 2017
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  • The night air felt the same after the trial. As we broke off, each to our own placed, I followed James and asked him what his plans were. Not surprisingly, James didn’t really have any plans. I reminded him about the crucifix and that Baron Basco might be willing to...


  • Draven "Fierce" Fancher
  • Sat, Jan 28, 2017
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  • The Queen came and I believe she is every bit the monster that I thought she was. After a few moments of interaction I quickly decided to change my strategy toward her and threw-off any idea of charming her. I even allowed her to probe my mind without resistance as...