Journal Entry (Personal Reflections)


Prometheus Artificer of Olympus

I finally have a moment to update my journal regarding recent events in and out of my lab. I presumed Kora and Monica's wedding would be a boring affair, but it was quite the reverse. With but a small bit of prodding my wife provided a creative boost to the affair by sending Eros on a task worthy of the Goddess of Love.

After a bit of casual investigation I soon discover that all the servants at the estate were duplicates created by my she has taken a leap forward in creativity and self-awareness. My curiosity in the matter  led me to the wine cellar where I finally came upon Iota. It was good to see her and her hair had clearly grown back. She wore proper British attired and contacts but I could clearly perceive a spark behind those eyes.  She explained to me that I had spent too much time and energy trying to perfect humanity and that her goal was to replace 75% of the population with "perfectly made" constructs who would blend in with the rest of flawed humanity. She explained that the replaced would be preserved.

I must admit Iota has impressed me. While her personal analysis of humanity and my efforts in their regard are unmistakably extreme and overly simplified, she has displayed creativity, ambition, and self-awareness at an advanced rate. Nevertheless, her plan is rather pessimistic and indicates a penchant for extreme reactions in the face of inevitable scientific adversity associated with the abstract pursuit of "perfection."  

I was pleased that I was able to convince Iota that I could improve upon her even more, and that such a feat was necessary if she was going to be successful in her future goals. I was able to convince her to come to my lab after requesting that she do some field-work at the wedding first. I told her that I wanted her to observe humans expressing positive emotions towards one other. I am curious what her observations will be when I interview her at my lab later? Is she capable of true empathy and love? What an exciting consideration! Planning to depart I embraced her casually but her embrace was intimate and passionate in nature. I realized then that she loved me and that before she disrobed. How could this be? When did this happen? I did not discern this intriguing detail initially. Still, before I could reflect further on this development there was a knock at the door. I told Iota we would save THAT fun for when she returned to the lab and she agreed. I had her get dressed again while I activated my Soul Gem and disappeared from view. After a bit of maneuvering I came up behind Aphrodite, who was clearly looking for me, and told her I wanted to dance. My diversion worked perfectly as my lovely wife lead me to the dance floor.

Although my wife is beautiful beyond compare, I must admit I was distracted during the walk back to the party. One of my creations Iota had taken a leap forward in her evolution and her true potential appeared to be blossoming before my very eyes. Even more profoundly, she appears to be in love with me and is now seeking intimacy. Such an exploration in such a personal matter is without precedence if I choose to explore this option. Nevertheless, I do foresee possible complications if I assume this course of action. Do the benefits outweigh these concerns? Is Iota capable of true physical and emotional connectivity? Would her natural instinctual responses be undermined if I took notes?

After returning to the wedding party I did my duty and danced with Kora and Monica. They are an interesting couple and different in so many ways. Perhaps I will do some research on love in the future, it is truly a mystifying emotion . During my dance I assured Kora that I was trying to provide her and Monica with perfect servants but obviously I was not aware of Iota's plan until today. I needed more time to sort things out and I was already aware that Kora could be a bit temperamental and demanding . Monica on the other hand inquired about her sister's whereabouts and Iota. I gave her minimum insight about Iota but reassured her that I would find Rhea for her. In return I wanted the Rhea construct as my own but she would not agree with this request, thus my reward for her sister's return has yet to be determined or accomplished at this time.

The wanderings of my mind initiated from my earlier exchange with Iota was eventually banished when my wife emerged from the punch bowl. As I gazed upon her in all her glory I had an epiphany....why have I not consummated our marriage yet!? She was breathtaking to behold and I was a bit embarrassed when my will appeared incapable of subverting my bodies physical responses to this sudden sensory overload. Fortunately, the "servants" gathered my inebriated wife from the punchbowl and ushered us to the backroom.

Initially I thought we were brought to a room within the manor but I quickly concluded that my wife was an imposter and that we were really underground under Lock-an-key. Given what I had learned earlier I theorized that this was just an extension of Iota's plan and this Venus Construct would likely obey my commands if I could mimic Iota's voice. I quickly discovered my theory was correct when Venus obeyed my orders to lead me out of this place and return to my lab.

The search for my wife led me to a garden that reminded me of a distant time in ancient Greece. I suspected this was also engineered by Iota and that she had constructed a true gorgon to help implement her plan of replacement. Thus, when Niemi the Gorgon came I was already prepared for our interactions via a mirror I had in my see, there are advantages to having a vain wife. After a bit of negotiation, I convinced Niemi to allow me to take my wife and Rhea to my lab. In return I cut Niemi's hair in the same fashion that I did for Iota. I suspect that this act comes across as an intimate expression to both Iota and her gorgon construct. I found this little detail quite fascinating as well.

As I put some servants to the task of getting my wife and Rhea loaded into a small cargo truck in the estate's garage, Thanos himself appeared. I never much liked death. He wasn't there for me after a millennium of torture upon my bed of stone. Nevertheless, I made a deal with him to keep Rhea so that I might restore her to her previous state.

Everything seem to be in order as I departed from the estate but the security gates closed before me as I was approaching. Fortunately, I was able to convince Conrad and the gate security to let me go by using Iota's voice. Then as I pulled away, Monica called me and all I could hear was yelling and unkind words. With everyone shouting and yelling over each other I wasn't quite sure what the outburst was about, but I figured they were all pretty inebriated at that point and no good would come from me staying...thus I ended the call and focused on the extensive list of tasks set before me in the future.

Principal Questions Going Forward:

How can I reverse the effects of the prettification?

Is Iota truly capable of expressing love in an emotional, metaphysical, and physical manner or is she merely miming this behavior?

What did Iota learn from her observations of socialization at the wedding? Can she truly process information at empathetic level?

Could Iota be a singularity of design? Is she the foundation from which my future work should be based?

Given what I know, how should I handle Inspector Sullivan going forward? How should I best to treat her infliction?

How might I use The Venus Construct in the future?

What sort of body will I design for Hyperion?

Is there a way to make Aphrodite's love permanent ?

What sort of superior blood substitute might I create to win Empusa to my side?

Who shall I acquire as future assistants in my lab?

*Illegible writing continues for several more lines*


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