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    A second-sub-basement journalist and writer trying to go up in the world. I do book reviews here: I once lit myself on fire intentionally. I smoke Ecstasy Reds, drink rum, and fill my lighter during thunderstorms. I'm paranoid about saying the wrong thing to everybody, possibly because I do so on a semi-regular basis. 


    What do you like to play? 

    I'll try anything once, but my favorites I've played are: 3:16, Apocalypse World, Feng Shui, Fiasco (no GM and no prep time? Narrative system? I'm in!), DeadLands, Cold City, BESM D20, W40KRPG (Rogue Trader, Dark Heresy), OctaNe and World of Darkness (Mage and Genius, mainly). So...yeah, pretty much anything horror, steampunk, sci-fi, supers, pulp, or moden-fantasy goes. I'd most like to play Over The Edge, SLA Industries, Noctum, and Kult. And that's just the shortlist.


    Why do you dislike elves so much? 

    Because in high fantasy, they're analogous to the way vampires are treated in urban fantasy. I blame Salvatore, Weis, and Hickman. You create one or three badass elves, and suddenly everyone friggin' wants one. I dislike elves for the same reason I dislike most things-- they're targets for derision and there is at least one market they've oversaturated.


    What in Crom's name are you doing to that donkey?

    That donkey is earning its broadcasting degree at a community college and there isn't a DAMN thing you can do to stop me!

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    Dirge Poem for a farmer discovered dead in his house

  • Void
  • Fri, Aug 29, 2014
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  • Your eyes are now closed You may find peace on the Wheel Sleep now, good farmer.


  • Yekaterina
  • Fri, Jun 27, 2014
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  • In the quiet before the next mission, while Isabella is busy and she has a private moment, Yekaterina comes out of her catatonia and slowly takes out her knife. Her head itches. Her head itches a little more than it has before, and she can't stand it. She wants to...

    Small Leave of Absence

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  • Thu, Jun 05, 2014
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  • So starting tonight and going through the weekend, I'm going to be working at yet another of my unpaid but completely enjoyable gigs. See you all at the end of the weekend. 

    Yekaterina's Prayer

  • Yekaterina
  • Tue, May 27, 2014
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  • O Emperor Hear your servant I beseech thee to give me power Through you mine hand is raised Mine is the hand that wounds. Through you mine hand is lowered And your hand is the hand that heals Let me rain down with great vengeance and furious anger Let mine...
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  • Sun, May 22, 2011

    A list of things so far I would like to play:

    - Genius: The Transgression

    - Fiasco

    - OctaNe


    -Unknown Armies

    - Unhallowed Metropolis

    - a/state

    - SLA Industries


    and many others.

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