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    Sarah Kaplan says:
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    I enjoy humor, danger, intrigue, sexiness, horror, action, drama, silliness and seriousness along with elements of philosophy (and more) in all sorts of combinations. I'm very happy to immerse myself into characters as appropriate to the game and event. In my personal preferences, I lean toward deeper story-driven games with challenges, action and obstacles to overcome; but if its a hack and slash kick-ass game as long as we have fun, I'm in. I play to discover the story, the character(s), the world, the mystery so I try to roll with what everyone at the table gives and use it to go forward. I do my best to rp my way around challenges rather than run instantly to my dice whenever possible, but when dice are needed - let 'em roll!

    I have recently tasted the world of GMing. And I liked it. It's going to happen again.

    I appreciate GMs who believe atmosphere, story, characters and plot are at least as important as the mechanics and maps/illustrations (if not more so), but I'm open to your style and views if they differ. I'm often willing to learn something new and usually try most things twice :). GM and fellow players create atmosphere and tell a great story together. I believe that happens whether characters act as a team or are at odds, so long as the players and GM support each other's efforts at the table.

    I really like trying new systems/genres and am located in a PST time zone.

    A Few Games/Systems I'm Currently Curious to Play (Not a Complete List): Pathfinder, Blades, Noir (This is a genre, I know), 7th Sea

    A Few Games/Systems I Have Played (Not a Complete List): Call of Chthulu, Shadowrun, Mass Effect (AW Hack), Top Secret, D&D, AD&D, Big Eyes, Small Mouth, It Came From the Late, Late, Late Show, Robotech, Talislanta,  Stars Wars, EarthDawn, Heavy Gear, Castle Falkenstein, Monsterhearts, Apocalypse World, Urban Shadows, The Doctor Who RPG, Nobilis, Numenera,  Penny for Your Thoughts, Lacuna, Many Home Brews, Dragon Age, Always Never Now, Masks, Sprawl.

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    Patient 4987 Audio Transcript Series #1 -28 (Abbreviated)

  • McKenna
  • Sat, Feb 04, 2017
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  • character, GMBry, MoTW: Nightbreed
  • <play recording> SESSION 1: Dr. L: McKenna, are you sure you don’t want to talk about the incident?  Patient 4987: Yup. Dr. L: You realize these sessions are a mandatory part of your probation? Patient 4987: Yup.  Dr. L: And you realize I must provide regular status reports based on...

    A Few Brief Texts...

    (This occurs in the space of time between game sessions #16 & #17) We are taking a labyrinthine approach, gliding in and out of shadow. Two females casting attractive silhouettes though largely avoiding the yellow pools of street lamps. In the more urban areas the street life teems around us, oblivious...

    Radio Transmission #412: Phantom Pains

    <Not announced. Not at the usual hour, much later/earlier. Soft toned and vulnerable> “I was telling a dear friend the other day that I have phantom pains, sometimes. I reach out for something on my night table when I’m in bed - or for my prayerbook - for meditation forgetting...


                                                         III As she left the hospital and walked along the city blocks toward home, she wasn’t…unconcerned about the group of miscreants across the street...


    Hey there! This post may be graphic to some. Please skip it if you are not a horror fan. There will be less graphic posts from this character in the future - this just isn’t one of those posts.  The character is a vampire of the Vampire Requiem Universe. So you know, she’s...